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Dr. Lalit Bansal
Q. What causes frequent abdominal pain ... - Answered by Dr. Lalit Bansal
Hello, Welcome to I will help you regarding your problem. There are multiple reasons of abdominal pain out of which ...

Dr. Lalit Bansal
Q. Is it possible for skin tags developed from healed fissures to recur after surgery ... - Answered by Dr. Lalit Bansal
Hello, Welcome to I will definitely help you regarding your query. Skin tags are formed in long standing anal ...

Dr. Naveed Ahmed Khan
Q. I am suffering from anal fissure and warts with HIV. Please suggest solution ... - Answered by Dr. Naveed Ahmed Khan
Hello, Welcome to I see you have taken all the necessary medications for the fissure in anus. What I would like to ...

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Dr. Krishna B Bhalala
Athlete’s Foot - Causes, Risk factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention - Published by Dr. Krishna B Bhalala
Athlete's foot, otherwise called tinea pedis, is a fungal infection seen between the toes in people whose toes become sweaty ...

Dr. Seema
How Does Homeopathy Help in Dementia ... - Published by Dr. Seema
Dementia is a mental disorder where there is a gradual deterioration in the normal functioning of the brain. To find out what ...

Dr. Pooja Pandya
Thyroid Eye Disease (TED ... - Published by Dr. Pooja Pandya
Thyroid eye disease (TED) is an autoimmune condition where the eye muscles and eyelids become inflamed. This makes the eyes red, ...

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