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Acupuncture - an Individualistic Approach

Published on Sep 22, 2016 and last reviewed on Apr 16, 2019   -  2 min read


Various types of acupuncture are practiced by different practitioners. The result is often produced to varying extents. But, the standardized studies are lacking and individualization is seldom practiced.

Acupuncture - an Individualistic Approach

Acupuncture is often projected as long needles going deep into the body. However, the world of acupuncture has progressed a lot in recent times. Varieties of acupuncture techniques are in use, such as seed stimulation, direct electric stimulation, needle stimulation, color laser stimulation and magnet stimulation of the acupuncture points.

Sujok Acupuncture:

There are other types of acupuncture such as Sujok (done only in hands and feet) with further subdivision of six ki, eight ki and tri-origin acupuncture. This form of acupuncture is much different than the traditional form as it involves,

Protocol Based Acupuncture versus Individualized Based Acupuncture:

I would like to add here that the science of acupuncture is more like an art. In a real sense, the choice of acupuncture points should be individualized based on the energy constitution of a person. However, at most centers protocol based acupuncture is practiced.

Let me illustrate it with an example. Let us say Person A has a problem of gastritis. Let us say he is a cheerful person with an outgoing personality who likes adventure sports, red color and often feels more heat compared to people around him. Another person B also develops symptoms of gastritis, but he is a kind of depressed, introvert, with brown as favorite color and feeling more cold than people around him. Now these two people are totally different in their energy constitution and the choice of acupuncture should also be based on their energy constitution.

Let me illustrate another example. Person X presents with depression, but he is crying with a loud noise that too in public, rarely gets angry and is often involved in spiritual talks. Compare the scenario with person Y, who is also depressed, but he prefers to cry in solitude, often gets angry and quite sexually active. As you can see, both these patients have the same symptoms but different constitutions. Here the energies are reflected at an emotional level.

Ideally, the energy constitution should be determined by asking leading questions about the personality and preferences. However, today acupuncture is practiced based on protocol system, where based on diagnosis, choice of acupuncture points are made. It is a rare situation where the acupuncture practitioner determines the energy constitution of the person and chooses the points based on that.

My purpose of writing this article is to bring awareness among practitioners as well as patients that acupuncture treatment should be individualized according to the individual. Though results are seen, even when protocol based acupuncture is practiced, results are often dramatic and near miraculous if points are energetically correct.

Before starting acupuncture treatment discuss the energy constitution determination with your practitioner. In most cases, it is more gratifying for both patient and practitioner, for patient's faster relief from symptoms and for practitioner acupuncture becomes more intellectual as well as spiritual.

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16 Apr 2019  -  2 min read



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