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Fight Common Cold the Naturopathic Way

Published on Sep 25, 2020   -  4 min read


Stuffy nose, sore throat, and body pain associated with the common cold make it more challenging to deal with. Here are some natural ways to ease your symptoms and boost your immune system to fight the virus off.

Fight Common Cold the Naturopathic Way

The common cold is a reaction of your body to toxins or foreign bodies to fight against it. Naturopathic treatment helps increase immunity and strengthen the defense mechanism to function better. Common cold can occur due to seasonal variations, so in such cases, naturopathy provides the best possible treatment options. Acute coryza is an alternative term for the common cold. A cold is nature's simplest way of expelling toxic waste from the human body, so the duration of cold depends on how rapidly toxins get expelled out of the body.

It is caused by inflammation of the upper respiratory tract due to viral infection. It is the most commonly found infection. The duration of common cold varies from three to ten days, which also depends on various other factors, such as the immunity of an individual, the number of toxins in the body, and the rate with which they are getting removed.


The usual symptoms of the common cold are as follows -


The causes of the common cold are as follows-

  1. Viral infection - The intensity of infection varies, and it depends on the environmental factors and immunity of an individual.

  2. Nose and throat allergy.

  3. Lack of sleep.

  4. Depression.

  5. Fatigue.

  6. Sudden change in temperature and climate.

  7. Dust, pollen, or other allergens.

  8. Bad dietary habits.


Treatment of the common cold with the help of customary suppressive drugs puts a sudden stop to toxins' elimination process, which ultimately causes toxins to stay in body tissues. It is better if the patient is put on fasting for two days during infection. Warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey or fruit juice and hot water should be given. Liquid diet intake should be in large amounts to neutralize the acidic nature of blood. Pineapple juice, in particular, is very beneficial.

Hot drinks are necessary to clear up the kidneys. Warm water enema is beneficial to clean bowels during this period.

Fruit Fasting Regimen:

A short fruit fasting, followed by a healthy diet for three days, should be carried out. In this, the patient should take three meals per day of fresh juicy fruits. Juicy fruits include apples, pears, grapes, oranges, pineapple, peaches, melon, or other seasonal juicy fruits. Dried fruits and banana should be avoided. Other food items should be avoided.

After the fruit diet, the patient should gradually embark on a diet of three basic food groups, seeds, nuts, and Grains. Vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and starchy foods should be avoided.

Strengthening of Immunity:

Strengthening of the immune system can be done by taking a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C -

Lime Juice -

Garlic Soup -

Ginger -

Turmeric -

Spicy Foods -

Spices, as we all know, make our nose run. Garlic, ginger, hot pepper, etc., all have anti-inflammatory properties. They help in reducing irritation from the nose, throat, and upper respiratory tract.

Water Treatment -

Yogasana -

Other Measures -

Mild sunbath, fresh air, deep breathing, brisk walking, adequate sleep, good habits, and proper clothing depending on the climate to nullify the effect of weather fluctuation.


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