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Height Growth and Homoeopathy - Myths and Facts

Published on Nov 07, 2019   -  2 min read


This article is specifically written to remove the wrong information about height growth and to save the general population from fraudulent medicines and the harmful effects of experimentation.

Height Growth and Homoeopathy - Myths and Facts

It is a truth that before knowing the inherent qualities of people, they are judged by their external appearance for their abilities. The physical image has become the most important asset for a person, and height plays one of the major roles of disappointment in most.

When we are considering height as a topic of discussion first, we need to know some basic facts.

Height increase depends on the fusion of epiphysis, especially in the long bones, which are known as growth plates. These growth plates keep increasing the length until certain age. This age differs according to sex. Meaning, females stop growing earlier than males. Usually, the maximum age for girls is 16 years, and for boys is 18 years. In very rare cases, it may extend further.

Now when it comes to knowledge in the general population, they are highly dependent on superstitions or rumors. Like after a girl starts to menstruate, the growth stops, which is not true. Also, the prominence of Adam's apple in a boy means he cannot grow more.

So there are many misconceptions about height growth. In addition to that, the internet, television, and other forms of advertisement also cause a lot of confusion in people. They are so lucrative that people often, in search of some miracle, spend tons of money after false promises.

The simple truth is the height growth is possible till the growth plates are not fused, which happens around the age of 18 years. To my surprise, many of the medical professionals either do not know about it. Some quacks take advantage of the innocent people who put trust in them blindly. Many herbal treatments and growth hormones are given without any results, and then patients start blaming the therapy.

Some supplements or exercises and medicines can indeed increase height before the age of fusion, but it highly depends on the genetic inheritance of the person, which is difficult to manipulate.

Ultimately when it comes to the treatment, I request the readers to choose wisely. The most dangerous treatment can be hormonal supplements, which have some severe side effects. Before going for any treatment, make sure you know all the pros and cons of it.

It is obvious that being a homeopathic practitioner, and I will recommend homeopathic treatment but beware. It can help until the age limit and not after that.

Taking medicines only may not give desired results; instead, take proper nutritional supplements, including protein and exercise properly. Do cycling, swimming, Suryanamaskar, pull-ups, etc. Avoid taking over-the-counter prescription or patent advertised products.

Many homeopaths suggest some medicines like Baryta, Calcarea, Tuberculum, etc., but the truth is they do not help mostly without a proper understanding of the case. Instead, get yourself examined adequately by a homeopath and get the constitutional prescription.

For further guidance and treatment, feel free to consult me.

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