Health Articles by Dr. Suvash Sahu

Skin and Beauty
This article discuses the mechanism of action, uses, side effects and precautions of Minoxidil.
Acne is a chronic problem, which usually occurs in adolescence. It is a main cosmetic concern. And a dilemma always remains in the sufferer about the cosmetics. This article will solve the concern.
Here in this article, I have discussed the causes and management of dirty non-cleanable darkness over the neck and underarms, which is known as Acanthosis nigricans.
This article discusses electrosurgery. It is a reliable, inexpensive, and a simple choice for the treatment of various dermatological disorders and cosmetic aberration.
This article discusses the causes and management of hirsutism.
This article discusses the harm caused by cosmetic products to our skin. This article also explains the nature of cleanser or soap that should be used by an individual normally and in various dermatological illnesses.
Chemical peels are very common in dermatological practice. Here in this article, I just tried to cover the common and frequently asked questions such as the uses, limitations and post-peel care.
Most of us desire to have a youthful appearance, as greater physical attractiveness can have psychological benefits affecting a person's social interaction, job status, and personal image. In this article, I have discussed a few measures to maintain one's youthful appearance.
In this article, I have discussed the common vitamins and minerals that are required for hair growth and healthy skin.
Use of cosmetics is very common in day-to-day life. So, basic knowledge about the ingredients and the types of reactions to those products are necessary to overcome any problem.
Sexual Health
Sexually transmitted diseases are a group of communicable diseases that are transmitted predominantly through sexual contact. This article discusses about the consequences, risk factors and prevention of STDs.
Hair Care
This article discusses general hair care measures.
Newborn and Baby
This article focuses on the products that should be used for baby skin.
Dermatologists and Skin Care
In this article, I have discussed the management of corns, callosities, and plantar warts.
Urticaria or hives is a common concern. Here, I have discussed the common causes and management of urticaria.