Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Written by Dr. Seyed Ali Jazaeri and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

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There are a few risk factors that make you more susceptible to get breast cancer, which cannot always be prevented. But, there are things you can do that might lower your risk. Breast cancer risk factors mean anything that affects your chance of getting breast cancer. But having a risk factor does not mean that you are sure to get the disease in the future. While you cannot change some breast cancer risk factors like family history and aging, there are some other risk factors that you can control.

The risk factors for breast cancer that you cannot change are:

  1. Being a woman.
  2. Getting older.
  3. Having certain gene changes.
  4. Positive family history for breast cancer.
  5. Early menarche (before 12).
  6. Late menopause (after 55).
  7. Certain benign breast conditions.

The other group of risk factors is related to your personal behaviors. These risk factors are categorized into three groups:

  1. Factors with proven effect.
  2. Factors with unclear effect.
  3. Factors with disproven effect.

The first group that of course should be avoided are:

  1. Drinking alcohol.
  2. Being overweight or obese.
  3. Not being physically active.
  4. Not having children.
  5. Not breastfeeding.
  6. Some birth control methods.
  7. Hormone therapy after menopause.

The second group of risk factors which have an unclear effect and more research is needed to prove their effect are:

  1. Factors related to diet.
  2. Environment.
  3. Tobacco smoke.

The last group which has been proven that they do not affect getting breast cancer are:

  1. Using antiperspirants.
  2. Wearing different types of bras.

Try to keep your breasts healthy by avoiding its’ risk factors. Consult a gynecologist to know how to calculate your risk of getting breast cancer, how you should do breast self-examination, and which tests you need to do according to your age and risk, to be sure that your breasts are healthy.

Last reviewed at: 12.Jan.2019



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