Diabetes - How Aware Are You?
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Diabetes - How Aware Are You?

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Published on Oct 11, 2014 and last reviewed on Sep 07, 2018


This simple quiz is to test your knowledge about diabetes. This quiz is an easy way for one to learn diabetes management.
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Diabetes - How Aware Are You?

The indications of diabetes may include the following mentioned below.
- Excessive thirst.
- The blurring of vision.
- Appetite greater than usual.
- Frequent urination.
- Recurrent skin infections such as boils.
- Burning of the foot.


Can You Be Diabetic Without Realising?

Yes, one can be diabetic without even realizing it. The symptoms of diabetes are widespread, and one can go on for years without knowing it. Symptoms of diabetes take time before showing symptoms.


What Happens When Diabetes Goes Untreated?

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that affects metabolism. So changes in weight, appetite, and other metabolisms may be observed. In addition, if diabetes is uncontrolled, it may affect the body's organs, such as the heart, kidneys, and nerves.


What Is the Life Expectancy With Diabetes?

The life expectancy with diabetes depends on the control over the condition. If reasonable control is established, then the life expectancy of the person will be higher. Life expectancy also depends on the age of onset.


Does the Color of Urine Change in Diabetes?

The urine color may change in severely uncontrolled diabetes. For example, it may become cloudy due to the excretion of sugar in the urine. But people with diabetes experience an increase in the frequency of urination.


Are Symptoms of Anxiety and Diabetes Similar?

Yes, at times, the symptoms of anxiety can feel like that of diabetes, such as changes in appetite, weight, and urination. However, it is also noted that chronic anxiety, as well as stress, can give rise to diabetes mellitus.


What Are the Symptoms of Prediabetes?

The symptoms of prediabetes are very much similar to that of diabetes. It may include increased thirst, urination, and hunger. At times, prediabetes may not have any symptoms at all.


How to Conquer the Fear About Diabetes?

- The fear of diabetes can be overcome by taking good care of your health.
- A healthy and balanced diet should be followed.
- Regular exercise can help in keeping diabetes under control at the same time, can even prevent it.
- Stress and anxiety should be kept at bay.


Do Diabetics Have Anger Issues?

The moods of diabetics are frequently associated with blood glucose levels. For example, higher blood glucose can make people more irritable and angry. Conversely, lower blood glucose levels can make a person nervous.


Can Diabetes Occur Due to Stress and Anxiety?

Stress or anxiety does not directly lead to diabetes. However, these condition causes alteration to the hormone and blood glucose levels. This can lead to diabetes.


Can untreated diabetes cause mental illness?

Untreated diabetes can lead to mental illness. In addition, it may cause increased emotional stress and anxiety. These are mainly caused due to fluctuations in the hormone and blood glucose levels.

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07 Sep 2018




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