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Dieting vs Starvation for Weight Loss

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Dr. Vishnu K R
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Published on Feb 17, 2018 and last reviewed on May 11, 2019   -  2 min read



Yes, dieting and starvation are different. To get to a healthy weight range, you are probably starving while mistaking it to be dieting.

Dieting vs Starvation for Weight Loss

Diabetes is the most dreaded disease which requires a special diet. But, it may so happen that the patient always craves for some high-carb sweets. On the other hand, many young teenage girls abstain from eating bulk carbohydrates just to decrease their belly fat and facial fat although they are in the healthy weight range. These are the two extremes we come across in daily practice.

Balanced diet

In simple terms, it is a rotating sequence of foods which have the required amounts of all the nutrients. So, do not focus on the quantity of the food you take. Ensure a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and micronutrients. Just modify the quality of food instead.

Reduce Fats

I vote for coconut oil over many others. Never use hydrogenated oils. Avoid ghee and cheese. It has more carbohydrates, cholesterols, and trans fats than vegetable oils. Reduce eggs to three per week. But three per week is recommended though.

Sunflower oil is a great alternative to coconut oil as it contains more unsaturated fats. But, it adds a different color and flavor to the food. Coconut oil has fat-absorbing ketones which might slightly worsen your diabetes if you consume it in excess. So, reduce your daily fat intake to the minimum.


Always choose complex carbohydrates like wheat and oats. Rice is basically a lot of starch. Starch is a single chain polymer of two monosaccharides. It gets absorbed fast and quickly increases blood sugar levels. That is why it is not suitable for diabetics. But, if you want to be fit and healthy, do not blindly avoid rice. Rice has some amino acids which are absent in wheat.

Carbohydrates are not as bad for your body as they are portrayed to be. They are the fuel for your body which keeps you running and gets you through the day. So, just ensure you choose the right kind of carbs.

Destroy the Stereotypes

If you want to look fit and eat a decent quantity of food at the same time, you will have to add exercise to your daily routine. Mass training to be exact. There is no truth in the belief that you cannot look good if you eat an acceptable amount of food every day. There must be some extra effort from your side.

Never Go into Anorexia

You must be familiar with the term anorexia nervosa. That is an eating disorder where there is fear of gaining weight. This is seen in teens and young adults, commonly females, who starve to look good. They become anemic, malnourished, get weakness of bones and muscles, hair loss, and diabetes later in their life. They skip menses too. So, it will definitely affect sex life as well.

The Point of Note

Always choose healthy food. Not the quick, cheap, and unhygienic kinds. Prefer the ones made in your kitchen. More proteins, moderate carbohydrates, and very little fat is the essence. Up to five grams of table salt per day is acceptable and no more. Add fruits twice a day, different ones every two days. Get good sleep and live your life absolutely nourished.

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