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The Most Common Blunders That Spoil Diet Plan

Written by
Dr. Saumya Mittal
and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

Published on Jan 23, 2017 and last reviewed on Sep 07, 2018   -  2 min read



Every one of us wishes to maintain a proper diet to lose weight. But, unknowingly we make so many mistakes that spoil all our plans to slim down.

The Most Common Blunders That Spoil Diet Plan

Diet mistakes spoil all your plans to slim down. You could be making any one of the following diet blunders. Let us check out.

Crash Diets:

We do think that we tend to lose weight quickly once we suddenly stop eating or eat just barely or cut down on calorie intake. But, when you eat fewer calories, your metabolism will get slowed down. It is a natural tendency of the body to tide over the famine period. Once you stop that diet and start consuming the food normally, your body continues to burn calories slowly. This trend makes you regain weight faster.

Skipping Breakfast:

Avoiding breakfast may feel like an easy way to lose weight. However, you will soon feel the uncontrollable hunger. Therefore, you may end up eating excess calories than the average day. In reality, breakfast with high protein and fiber reduces hunger throughout the day thereby helping you avoid unnecessary snacks.

Low-Fat Diet:

Low-fat products can contribute to cutting down weight unless taken in multiple servings.

Hiding From Dairy Products:

Avoid the high-fat dairy products, but never stop taking dairy foods altogether. Our body burns more fat when it gets dairy calcium. The same thing cannot be achieved through the calcium supplement.

Wrong Snacking:

Thoughtful snacking may help control hunger and lose weight. Fiber and protein-rich snacks help keep your metabolism high. But, chips, biscuits and cakes will only add in calories and spoil your diet.

Fast Food:

The fast food is a convenient and quick option after a tiring day. However, a salad or other healthier option is an equally quick option that may be used. Often available at the same fast food joint and you can always choose to have them if you cannot resist the other tasty treats.

Liquid Calories:

When counting calories, consider the beverages too. The liquid calories do not curb hunger and so you will not eat any less. Diet version of the drinks may put your diet plan haywire.

Consuming Less Water:

Water helps burn calories by picking up your metabolism. So, one should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. It is better to drink a glass full of water before food to make your food intake less.

Avoiding Exercise:

By avoiding exercise, you are left with only one means of losing weight and that is diet. The more active you are, the greater is the range of foods you can consume. Find an exercise and enjoy losing weight.

Checking Weight Daily:

Also, do not weigh yourself daily. It can be frustrating, and it can lead you to skip the exercise schedule you framed. Once in a week or once in two weeks may help your long term goals and the result may be more motivating.

Decide to do what is possible or else you just add up to the frustration. Kindly avoid these mistakes and try to lose weight with more dedicated diet and workout.

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Last reviewed at:
07 Sep 2018  -  2 min read


Dr. Saumya Mittal

Dr. Saumya Mittal

MD Internal Medicine, CC (Diabetes Mellitus), MBBS, Diploma (Vitamin D).,

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