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A Healthy Mind Is Essential for a Healthy Body

Published on May 13, 2017 and last reviewed on Dec 29, 2021   -  4 min read


"A healthy mind is essential for a healthy body" - is not some boring cliche. Read this article to know its true meaning and ways to deal with negative emotions correctly.

A Healthy Mind Is Essential for a Healthy Body

Healthy Mind and Healthy Body:

Our mind governs our entire body, both micro and macro levels. Mental health includes our feelings about ourselves, how we maintain good relationships, and our way of dealing with problems. Humans have progressed a lot in every field, but we are becoming materialistic with growing technology. The race for fame and wealth ultimately ends in the grave. Remember, all good things in our lives are free, and good relationships are significant for a healthy mind.

Have you ever thought about where the negativity comes from? It comes from our present surroundings and our past experiences. Our past cannot be changed, and the future is unexpected. The only thing that we can do is make our present life as good as possible. A famous quote says, 'Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream.

The only thing we can do is try to live in our present moments. I believe that pulling away from people and usual activities should not always be regarded as a warning sign for mental health. Maybe someone is doing so to change their surroundings and companions or be involved in other new activities that bring positivity to life.

What Are the Effects of Long-Term Stress?

The following are the effects of stress on the body:

Stress has the following effects on the mind:

Stress is a significant cause of mental illnesses like irritability, changes in the sleep cycle, increased or decreased appetite, and difficulty concentrating.

How Can We Manage Stress?

Never a person can avoid stress in his life. The trick of leading a stress-free life lies in how we manage it.

What Should I Do to Keep My Mind Healthy?

1. Avoid Stress:

Do you know the simplest things we ignore due to stress have a role in increasing it?

The below activities tend to increase stress:

2. Sleep:

Good sleep is also essential for a healthy mind. A night of sound sleep for about seven to nine hours is needed for a healthy mind. Any disruption in it can produce mood swings or difficulty concentrating in work. Also, it reduces your risk of getting cardiac diseases.

3. Exercise:

Exercise is also one of the most efficient ways to improve our mental health, so we all must spare some time for it in our daily lives. It reduces your stress, enhances your memory, and can give you a good night's sleep. By exercising, you do not have to stick to strenuous workouts; instead, a light exercise daily can enhance your mood. Activities can be made more interesting by working out in groups.

4. Diet:

Brain healthy diet should be a part of life. Seafood, walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, flaxseeds, beans, green leafy vegetables, green chilies, and blueberries are the foods that boost the mood. Junk foods tend to increase anxiety and depression. The increased amount of salt, fat, and sugar present in junk foods is linked to this fact. Therefore, avoid junk foods as much as possible or swap your unhealthy junk foods with healthy alternatives.

5. Go out:

Whenever you find time, go out and get the needed fresh air on your face. Going out can make you feel more refreshed and reduce stress. Do not stick to the monotonous routine. Go out and explore places and keep your mind fresh and active.

6. Drinking Water:

Although hard to believe, it is true. Water is essential to keep you concentrated. Dehydration decreases your concentration and can also cause headaches. Do not choose sugary drinks to hydrate your body; instead, stick to water.

7. Avoid Smoking:

Smoking cannot lessen your stress. Do not use smoking as a tool for your stress management. Smoking can only reduce your stress for a short period but can put you at risk for lung and mouth cancers and cardiac diseases. It also reduces your financial burden. Try to quit smoking and earn the long-term benefits.

8. Do involve yourself in stress-busting activities like having a good laugh as they affect the physiological response of the body to stress.

9. Do not hesitate to ask for help from others when needed.

10. Nature, pets, and meditation are good options if you do not have a healthy surrounding.

11. Try and maintain a balance between your family and work life.

12. Get into relationships that can make your life more meaningful.

13. Do start with a new hobby to keep relaxed.

14. Try to find reasons to smile.

15. Try to build resilience by building self-confidence, maintaining healthy relationships, making real goals to come out from a difficult situation, and above all, hoping for a great future ahead.

We should have a sense of contentment and try to use all the good things we have in our lives.


An unhealthy mind paves the way for illnesses even in a healthy body. Therefore, you must prioritize having a healthy mind. Eat nutritious food, lead an active lifestyle, get good sound sleep, and create healthy relationships to keep your mind and body healthy.


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