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Depression - a State of Mood Imbalance

by Dr. Aasiya Iqbal Pawaskar at 30.Jan.2017 on Emotional and Mental Health



As this world is growing more advanced in every field possible, depression is becoming a common term talked about by almost everyone.

Image: Depression - a State of Mood Imbalance

Let us see what depression actually means. Depression in simple words is a state of mood imbalance.

It is characterised by prolonged sadness, irritability and loss of interest in daily activities. Changes in mood, irritability, anxiety, sleepiness, etc., are common but when these signs become so prominent in a person that others around them start noticing, then it should be a cause for worry. There are instances wherein the depressed might seem very calm and composed on the outside towards the society. But, the moment they are alone the depressive symptoms start pouring out. They sit alone; they cry when no one sees them and then one fine day commit suicide, which really shocks everyone because no one knew what was going on and no one saw the warning signs.

Why Does Someone Become Depressed?

Depression does not start all of a sudden. It is not a disease, but a state of mind that slowly builds up over a period. Reasons for being depressed can be varied. The commonest one is the inability to maintain a balance in one's life. If a person is repeatedly failing in doing something, the socio-economic factors take a toll on him or her, which in turn leads to all sorts of negativity.

For example; With the internet boom, this world has indeed become a small place. There is a constant need in everyone's mind to be the best or to be like someone they saw on television or to achieve love, success or money. When they fail in doing so, they judge themselves and the vicious cycle of depression starts in their lives.

How to Deal with Depression?

It has to be understood that it is not a physical disease, which can be treated just by popping a pill. If you are the sufferer, you have to seek some help from someone trustworthy, such as parents, friends or even a professional. Moreover, you have to be very determined to get out of it. You can get out of it only if you want to.

If you know someone going through this, then be their support system. They need your help more than anything around. Remember that positivity, determination and a bit of love are required to heal a soul. Think healthy to be healthy.

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