Mental Health Impact of Lockdown on Young People
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Mental Health Impact of Lockdown on Young People

Published on Jun 15, 2020 and last reviewed on Feb 03, 2023   -  5 min read


The impact of COVID-19 did not play less with youngsters and couples. Read this article to know more.

Mental Health Impact of Lockdown on Young People


The crisis of COVID-19 has put down many individuals. It is more tiring for young adults because it is the age they are starting to mold for a new career life or marital relationships. Many adults bear a lot of family burdens. It can be in the financial aspects or any emotional aspects. When the whole world was in a state of crisis, losing jobs and financial freedom was not a cakewalk. The unexpected crisis not only gave health difficulties but also instabilities in personal growth. As a precaution measure, all the individuals were requested to lockdown at home, which had its own side effects. Most of the employees started working from home. It helped all the family members be exposed to each other's presence more than normal. This might be a gift but also a disaster.

How Is the Personal Life of Couples?

When you take the personal life of couples, there is an opportunity for couples to stay together for a long time. There is always goodness in a certain degree of detachment and a certain degree of attachment. When one or both partners are working in the morning hours, they face a separation. They focus on the work during office hours, and when they get back together after professional work, they express an enhanced form of love. This made them easily differentiate between professional life and personal life. Now, when the work and office setup is established at home, the so-called home gets converted into a house. Only when a house is really happy, it can turn into a home. A recent survey tells that there is an increase in the number of pregnancy rates and the purchase of condoms in society. This is known to be applicable to the whole world population. The results of this survey might sound like there is a romantic ride flowing between the couples. Seeing it in a neutral way, the number of disputes between couples is also increasing. These minute changes might be eliminated or invisible, but still, they are bugs. These bugs have caused trauma in the relationship. If an existing traumatic family should be less traumatic, then staying away for a while and then getting back would be the right choice.

How Did the Youngsters Feel During Lockdown?

Many youngsters were stuck in their workplace city and returned to their homes only after the lockdown was relaxed to move. They were subjected to a situation where they should be alone. These pathetic youngsters do not have proper facilities for cooking or eating. Staying in a single room 24x7 is definitely going to cause depression in young minds. For psychological reasons, men are suffering a way lot more than women to stay confined in a particular place.

How Is the Career for Young Adults?

The career status discussed is applicable to both married and unmarried people. If you are already an employee who is asked to work from home, you might enjoy the following benefits.

  • More family time is absolutely fun for youngsters. Spending more time with family could be a real stress-buster.

  • Travel time for the office is reduced daily, and they might invest that time on something else. Time could be previously spent with family.

  • Petrol and other sorts of travel expenses are drastically reduced. This is a notable point in the advantages.

  • Young entrepreneurs are making a lot of money through online platforms.

  • Online business and digital marketing have improved recently.

  • Tutors of a young age are offering many online courses through many mobile applications.

  • Everyone has been finding time to connect through video conferencing for a long time.

On the other hand, there were a few distressing situations too. They are:

  • Manpower reduction greatly increased. People lost jobs and income which became a questionable status. The breadwinners of the family became too insecure as it added extra weight and burden to their heads.

  • Young doctors working in hospitals created panic attacks for the caring family at home.

  • Many start-ups in the field of food, vegetables, and others did not have high hopes of growth.

  • Travelers and people who make money by traveling around the world did not shine much during this time. Now that limitations concerning traveling have reduced, people are making the best use of it.

How Is the Life of Students?

  • It was once a generation when we were advised not to carry mobiles to class. Now, the complete education system is turning online. Some educational institutions have started with classroom classes but the increasing number of cases has created a concern among parents and educational institutions to continue classroom sessions. The social setup in class made the students interact more. The classes before online education days were very lively. The students had the freedom to raise their hands and ask questions in class. Now, it is messy to ask questions to your teachers instantly in video calls.

  • The culture of online tests is highly increasing. Their credibility is very poor. It is not a trustable method to identify the real skill of a student.

  • Group studies were a lifesaver for many students. When they got confined to their homes, where is the possibility to interact well with others? Always depending on voice calls and video calls will not be a better option.

  • Not many tutors are aware of the advances in the internet usage for studies. Since it is a new concept for many, the effectiveness of students is highly affected. The process of learning becomes unorganized.

  • For the mental health of the students to be healthy, it is necessary for the students to stay in a green environment. Engaging in physical games outdoors will help in physical fitness and good ventilation for the students from monotonous activities of academics. This can lead to negative effects on the brain and eye damage.

What Can Be Done?

Youngsters are always the backbone of the nation. There are many organizations where youngsters can participate in improving their physical and mental health. In these organizations, services are provided for food insecurities. Many organizations are providing herbal drinks for the public which is a good initiative. Young people should be involved in these kinds of social service activities. Many departments in the mental health field are providing free counseling for people who are suffering from anxiety issues due to COVID-19. Tele-counseling services have greatly improved in order to enable easy access to health services. In this way, it is possible to reach all the individuals who are affected in an easy way. Youngsters who are budding psychologists should be encouraged to participate in such events. In this way, they will be able to improve their social well-being, and getting exposed to the social environment will make them stronger and more independent. It is possible for them to beat up loneliness in such ways.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Maintain Relationships in Lockdown?

During a lockdown, it is challenging to maintain relationships. Many people enjoy going out, but with a lockdown, it is not possible. To maintain relationships, individuals can clearly set boundaries for their personal space to enjoy some alone time and participate in family activities over a video call, which helps strengthen the bond.


Why Does It Hurt to Stay Away From the Partner?

Although technology and communication have developed in various forms, it is yet difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship. Every individual enjoys spending time with their partners, valuing their advice, and caring for each other. So it hurts to stay away from the partner, especially during a lockdown.


How Does COVID-19 Affect the Life of an Individual?

COVID (coronavirus disease) has affected an individual’s life in the following ways
- Poor mental health.
- Fear of acquiring the disease.
- Stress.
- Loss of dear ones.
- Depression.
- Frustration.


What Is a Lonely Relationship?

It is a state of mental isolation (feeling lonely) in which one may experience emotional isolation. It could be due to depression, grief, or anxiety that may affect an individual and make them feel isolated. It could be difficult to participate in activities that involve a partner, and there may be a constant feeling of being left out.


How to Practice Self-Love in a Pandemic?

Following are some of the tips to be followed to practice self-love
- Writing down things that interest an individual.
- Trying new things.
- Avoiding self-judgment.
- Being kind.
- Setting healthy boundaries.
- Forgiving and forgetting unnecessary thoughts.
- Prioritizing individual needs.
- Avoiding self-pity


How to Stay Happy During COVID?

In order to stay happy during COVID, individuals can practice a healthy lifestyle to stay away from the disease. Starting a new hobby like cooking, painting, and coloring can help keep oneself occupied. Also, engaging in family activities and spending time with them at home is a boon to be enjoyed.


How Does COVID Impact People?

COVID has affected the physical, mental, and social health of an individual. Most people had the risk of losing jobs, which led to poverty. Many people lost their families to COVID. It increased the fear and risk of acquiring the disease in spite of following various protocols.


How Did the Lockdown Affect Mental Health?

COVID took a major toll on the lifestyle of individuals. Some individuals experienced signs and symptoms of the following mental conditions.
- Anxiety.
- Depression.
- Frustration.
- Loneliness.


What Age Group Are Most Affected by Loneliness?

According to a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM), individuals over 45 years are highly susceptible to loneliness. This is due to many people moving towards nuclear families. So as an individual retires over 45 years, they may miss working or visiting friends, especially with rising medical conditions.


Who Suffers the Most From Loneliness?

Both men and women are known to suffer from different forms of loneliness at work or home. This could be due to the isolation of an individual from family or friends. Men are known to be extremely lonely compared to women. However, engaging in group activities can help to overcome loneliness.

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