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Ways to Overcome Depression

Written by Dr. Krystel Quadros and medically reviewed by Dr. Sneha Kannan


Depression is ubiquitous these days owing to a stressful lifestyle and busy work schedules. Children face competition and peer pressure to score well whereas some teenagers or young adults find it very difficult to overcome breakups. Many senior citizens feel depressed because their children remove them from their house and make them stay in old age homes against their will. Yes, indeed depression is a very common and hazardous mental state. You may look fit from the outside but if you are not fit from the inside, things get even worse. Is you being tensed even worth it? Following are some of the ways to overcome depression.

1) Go for a Walk or Exercise:

Thinking about the same sad incident, again and again, will not make you feel good. Instead, engage yourself in some kind of activity like jogging and taking a long walk in the garden. You can even take a walk barefoot on the seaside. Spending some time with yourself looking at the flowing waves calms our mind down and makes us feel quite relieved. Exercise also releases certain hormones called endorphins, which are nothing but feel good hormones that make you feel energetic and lively.

2) Build up a Hobby:

Everyone is good at something or another. Some love sketching whereas some love singing or listening to some soothing music. Some just love doing some outdoor activity like playing football or cricket. Building up a hobby will make you enjoy your leisure time to the fullest and will make you feel even more optimistic in life.

3) Talk to a Close Friend and Spend Time with Your Close Friend:

There is a Hindi saying that "dukh baatne se dukh kam ho jata hai," which is indeed very apt and accurate. When you express your feelings with someone whom you trust and feel close to, you feel better. The person may be from your family like your mom or your elder sister. It may even be your best friend. If you are staying far from your family and loneliness is striking you, these days technology has bought people closer. You can video call your close ones. But be cautious not to share your secrets with everyone but only some close ones as there's a danger of secrets to be leaked out quickly. You can even spend some time with your family by going out for a movie together or going for a picnic or the beach.

4) Practice Meditation:

Practicing meditation early in the morning when you get up makes you feel calmer and stress-free and keeps you energetic throughout the day. The best part about meditating in the morning is that you get to hear the cheerful sound of the birds, which is very pleasing to the mind. If you do not get sleep in the night because of stress, you can practice ten minutes of meditation before you sleep.

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