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Best Core Strengthening Exercises

Published on Apr 11, 2020   -  4 min read


A person’s core is essential for maintaining all the functions of the body. The core muscles are useful in day to day activities such as lifting, twisting, reaching, and bending. To know more about core strength exercises and its benefits, read the article.

Best Core Strengthening Exercises

What Are the Core Strengthening Exercises?

Core strengthening exercises are the ones that strengthen the core muscles. Sitting or standing for a long period of time leads to the pooling of blood in your feet and legs. It is important to have core strength because it keeps the body aligned. The core muscles occupy areas in the lower back, hips, trunk, glutes, and stomach. These core muscles are useful in day to day activities such as lifting, twisting, reaching, and bending.

What Is the Importance of Core Strengthening Exercises?

What Are the Indications of Weak Core Strength?

What Is Pilates?

Pilate is a physical fitness system. It is named after Joseph pilate who is the pioneer of it. It is practiced in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Pilates work on nine principles.

How Is the Exercise Ball Helpful?

An exercise ball is also called a yoga ball. It is an elastic material filled with air and is about fifteen to thirty-five inches. It is used in athletic training sessions. The exercise ball is irregular in shape and the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced. In this way, many muscles are being engaged. Performing standard exercises, such as a push-up, on an unstable surface, can increase activation of the core.

Exercise balls are known to help women during childbirth.

What Are the Best Exercises for Core Strengthening?

Bridging Exercise:



Bicycle crunches are the best among the crunch exercises.


The Plank:


Hollow Man Exercise:


Superman Exercise:


Other exercises such as V-up, V-pulls, plank knee crosses, leg raises, plank shoulder taps are also known to increase the core strength. To know more about these exercises and for a personal exercise regimen, consult a doctor online.


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