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Gym Motivation: the Right Way to Workout

Author: Dr. Vishnu K R - Fitness  

Gyms around the world have a typical architecture. A big rectangular hall with mirrored walls, a multigym cable equipment in the middle, a set of dumbells in the corner and pieces of cardio equipment at the edge. The mats are either rubber or synthetic. You then see a lot of instruction posters and photos. You step into this hall with dream targets. Then all of a sudden you spot few tough-looking guys training like beasts and you start digging up your inferiority complex. A couple of months later, you end up putting dessert pictures as your status message on social media.

It is part of the cycle of life. But, what if I tell you, that you can build the willpower to sustain by looking only at the mirror and if you know how to train by yourselves?

For this, you first need to understand the physiology of muscles. Muscles are proteins. Actin, myosin, collagen, and rest of the connective tissues arranged as bundles of fibers formed by tiny strands of them. Every person has standard amounts of proteins unless they tend to train for more. Eating more protein will help only if your body asks for more.

During a workout with weights, your muscles contract and relax repeatedly. Contracting the muscle will recruit the fibers into a single spheroid swelling. But it is the relaxation which helps build more mass. Relaxing stretches the contracted group of fibers and pulls them apart against the friction between the fibers. This creates a tear among the fibers and it is termed as microtears. So, inflammation reaction sets in, resulting in pain and a very mild edema. This makes the body feel like there has been an injury and we require more proteins to be recruited there. So, more connective tissue proteins get filled in the tears, sealing the defects. This is basically how bodybuilding happens.

But, muscle injury does not cause bodybuilding. Only muscle tears will build more length into the fibers. A muscle fiber is a cell. So, the number of cells does not increase. The cells undergo elongation. But during slightly bigger tears as in muscle injury, the inflammatory exudates in the local area prevents any effort in muscle building. It simply tries to heal it rather than elongate it.

Factors That Affect the Rate of Bodybuilding -

  • Indigenous steroids: Testosterone promotes the healing of tears. Aldosterone decreases it. But the problem is testosterone is also a sex hormone. If you provide it exogenously, it triggers negative feedback to produce lesser indigenous testosterone as there is already plenty of it in the blood. Hence, soon after you withdraw IV testosterone, you will start having withdrawal symptoms. That is bad because it affects your sex life and personality. So, say 'No' to exogenous steroids.
  • Dietary proteins: As explained earlier, muscles are mostly proteins, and protein intake is important to lose fat and build muscle if you are working out.
  • Type of workout: There are different types of workouts namely, aerobic, muscle-strengthening, stretching, and flexibility. It is good to chart out a plan for yourself that includes exercises from few different categories.
  • Rest and Sleep: Giving rest periods in between your workout and getting adequate sleep are as important for bodybuilding as the workout period. Rest will give you more energy to workout in the following sessions and prevent muscle injuries.

Every bodybuilding enthusiast is behind faster, bigger, and stronger muscle mass. Do not bother about the guy who is pulling you back and just ignore the teasing and the negative comments you may receive. Make that first step now and work your way out of diseases that co-exist with your unhealthy weight.

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