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Anal Fixation: Myths and Facts

Written by
Dr. Jayvirsinh Indrasinh Chauhan
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Published on Jul 16, 2018 and last reviewed on Oct 15, 2019   -  3 min read



Anal fixation occurs when the child is punished a lot during potty training in the anal stage, which can affect the personality of the child as they grow up. This article aims to create awareness among people about some myths and fixities, which are usually considered as diseases.

Anal Fixation: Myths and Facts

Those who are familiar with the Freudian psychology may start assuming this article is a psychiatric revelation or something similar. But, I am just going to talk about a few common myths believed by many patients because of some preconceived notions about bowel movements and cleanliness.

I have had the chance to witness hundreds of patients with complaints regarding their bowel movements. To recall some of the common ones:

1. I cannot pass stool in the morning.

2. My bowel movements are not regular.

3. I have to pass stool more than once a day.

4. I cannot pass stool every day.

5. I have soft stool or hard stool or there are undigested particles in the stool.

And so on.

Surprisingly, when I tell the patient that it is not a problem and it is quite natural, they just get annoyed or start thinking that I am avoiding giving an answer or that I do not have a solution for them, etc. So, let me clear some of the doubts and myths so that people can come out this fixation and they have one thing less to worry about.

First of all, one should know that a bowel movement ranging from once in three days up to three bowel movements in a day is all considered normal.

Secondly, if your time of input is not fixed and you modify it on a daily basis, then how can you expect the output to be on time. It is bound to be irregular.

The major culprit for the irregularities in our bowel movements is our own lifestyle and eating habits.

People lead hectic and busy lives nowadays, especially those who do regular office jobs. They hardly get half an hour of lunchtime. In that, they have only 15 minutes to finish the lunch. Now, imagine! The work that your strong teeth should have done is given to the soft intestines. How can they break the food particles into smaller ones to digest them properly? That is the reason most people feel indigestion and also undigested food particles in the stool.

So, what should one do? Yes, there is a shortage of time but one has to find a solution. Chew as much as you can.

People who do field jobs and who travel long distances daily do not have a fixed time for having lunch. Sometimes, they have it early and sometimes late or sometimes skip it altogether. Then, how can you expect your bowels to obey the order? It will try to compensate initially but later it loses it and starts behaving erratically.

Again, the solution cannot be medicine. Until and unless the cause is not removed, the medicines can hardly help.

One of the major contributing factors recognized now is 'stress'. Yes, let me explain. We all are living under tremendous stress relating to a number of matters. Now, the stress releases certain neurotransmitters which in turn causes changes in hormonal secretion, altering the metabolism and giving rise to many metabolic, neurologic diseases, deficiencies and what not.

Here also, the medicine has very little role to play. It is the person who has to learn to manage life in a way that he can follow a good routine at least up to minimum required levels. It is not possible to correct it note to note but some effort is necessary.

The dietary habits are also one of the chief constituents in the initiation of the irregularities like lack of fibers in diet, drinking less water, eating unhealthy food rich in fat and harmful contents, etc. So, if you do not eat right you cannot shit right.

Plus, there are some very good options to reduce the impact of all these on your life like homeopathic treatment, yogasanas, pranayama, exercise, etc. But it also requires your efforts.

It is an old saying that health is wealth. Learn it, earn it and live it.

Ultimately the purpose of writing this article is to give an insight to the readers about what they might be doing wrong and how they can correct their mistakes and save their time and money.

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