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Top Foods Necessary to Increase Height in Children

Author: Dr. Krystel Quadros - Growth  

Following are certain ways which can enhance growth and increase the height of your child.

1. Include Enough Proteins in Your Child’s Diet

If there is not enough protein in the diet, he will not grow well and may also show symptoms of malnutrition. Proteins are very essential for the muscle development of your child. Good sources of proteins include chicken, fish, eggs, milk and milk products like cottage cheese, curd, buttermilk. Whole wheat chicken wraps can be given to your child instead of him having refined flour wraps.

2. Include Good Sources of Calcium

When your child does not have an adequate source of calcium in his diet, he may not grow well, as calcium is a very important nutrient required for the proper bone development of your child. Good sources of calcium include milk and milk products, spinach and other leafy vegetables. Sunflower seeds are a lovely source of calcium. It can be sprinkled on top of cut fruits and given to your child.

3. Iron

Many children complain of feeling tired and always face a lack of energy. It could be associated with iron deficiency anemia. Always ensure that your child is given deworming tablets as even worms in the gut can lead to symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. Lack of this specific nutrient leads to improper growth of your child. Spinach parathas can be given to children as spinach is a very good source of iron. Cutting the parathas in various shapes fascinates children and they might end up eating something they do not usually like to consume.

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables act as lovely sources of antioxidants and they are also anti-inflammatory in nature which facilitates proper growth in children by removing the harmful reactive free radicals produced in the body.

5. Nuts and Oilseeds

Nuts and oilseeds like almonds and walnuts contain essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory in nature and protect your kid from various diseases, enhancing the optimum growth of your child.

Always remember that along with having a healthy and balanced diet, it is necessary to engage in physical activities like skipping, jogging, stretching exercises and cycling which will help in increasing the child's height. Involve your kid in yoga which is very beneficial to improve flexibility and also to improve the height.

I hope you would apply the above tips to increase the child's height in a healthy manner.

Last reviewed at: 12.Dec.2018



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