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Health Benefits of Meditation

Written by Dr. Krystel Quadros and medically reviewed by Dr. Sneha Kannan

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Anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression are the major problem these days. Meditation can be a solution to all these problems. It is very essential to be calm and relaxed and then take a decision, and not directly jump to a conclusion. Decisions taken when angry can make a person repent later. Following are the health benefits of practicing meditation.

1) Promotes Sound Sleep:

Right from a nursery kid to a senior citizen, everyone is so stressed with something or the other. A teenager might stress over a breakup whereas a senior citizen might face stress due to severe loneliness because of their kids not visiting them. Stress is common in every age group, and it disrupts the sleep cycle of an individual. Practicing at least 10 minutes of meditation before your bedtime might give you a nice and sound sleep if you have sleep problems. You can even practice meditation early in the morning after you wake up while concentrating on the sweet sound of chirping birds and filling your mind with positive thoughts.

2) Makes You More Attentive and Improves Concentration Level:

It is common for individuals to get distracted due to petty thoughts. Meditation helps an individual to focus better on things and thus builds the concentration level in an individual. It is human nature to get negative thoughts, and we keep wandering over silly things, but with meditating, we learn to build self-control and focus only on the positive aspect of life. This helps in eradicating the negativity out of a person's life.

3) Makes You Happier and Boosts Self-Esteem:

According to many studies, it is seen that when a person practices meditation, the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol goes down, and the levels of endorphins increases, thus making an individual cheerful and happy. Always remember that we all have one life, so live your life to the fullest and do not let negative energy dominate you. You are in the control of your mind, so do not let your mind control you. While meditating tell yourself that you are beautiful, disease-free, fit, and healthy. See how smoothly your day progresses when you begin your day on a positive note.

I hope you really loved reading the three main health benefits of meditation and would practice meditation daily.

Last reviewed at: 29.Apr.2019



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