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Nutraceuticals: The Need of the Day

Written by
Dr. Jayvirsinh Indrasinh Chauhan
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Published on May 12, 2018 and last reviewed on Dec 18, 2018   -  2 min read


This article aims to familiarize patients with the importance of taking antioxidants (commonly known as vitamins and minerals) in their day to day life and preventing many lifestyle diseases.

Nutraceuticals: The Need of the Day

Being a homeopathic doctor, there are very few methods of treatment that attract my attention, speaking of it, after going through some of them thoroughly, in my capacity. What attracted my attention recently is the study of theories of free radicals and antioxidants. The whole purpose of writing this article is to introduce the readers to the whole new world of preventive medicine.

Nutraceutical is a broad term used to describe products derived from food sources that have health benefits in addition to nutritional values.

What Are Free Radicals and Antioxidants?

Let me explain it in simple terms. Although we all know that oxygen is indispensable to any living being, it has a darker side too. We have witnessed the process of oxidation in metals, most commonly of iron in the form of rust. Similarly, free oxygen atoms are produced in our body after some metabolic processes. These are known as free radicals. They can alter the structure of lipids, proteins, and even the DNA, which is responsible for causing functional and structural changes in the cells leading to many diseases. For example, the atherosclerotic changes in arteries, aging processes like skin changes and many more. It can even be linked to autoimmune disorders which still has a major vacuum in the etiological aspect but can be explained by the 'theory of free radicals.'

Now, when there are free oxygen atoms, there should be something to counter them. Those are known as antioxidants. These are some of the added or naturally present substances found in our food that get attached to the free radicals and nullify their bad effects on the cellular biology, in turn shielding our body from the bad effects of the free radicals.

The common and well-known antioxidants are vitamin A, C, and E, some of the phytonutrients like lycopene, beta-carotene, lutein, etc., and some minerals like selenium.

Now, we all can find the rich sources of these antioxidants by a simple internet search. But, the question remains who should take it or who needs it most. My answer is everyone. Yes, it is true. More or less, we all are living under oxidative stress due to our lifestyle and dietary habits and are lacking in the antioxidants supply.

And, it will be more surprising to many that the food we take cannot and will never provide the required amount of antioxidants. Especially, for those who are strict vegans. In that case, there are many multivitamin and multimineral tablets available in the market, which can easily fulfill their daily requirements. It is advisable that everyone take these supplements at least four months in a year. It is the need of the hour and will save you from many diseases or at least will prevent them or delay their arrival considerably.

So, those who have already fallen victims to the oxidative stress, the victims of free radicals, what should they do? For them, my suggestion is to start heavy doses of antioxidants and also homeopathic treatment.

This topic is beyond the scope of this article and my humble request to the readers is to read up more about this. I have tried to bring the subject to the spotlight so that people will be aware of this possibility and save themselves from the pain and sufferings of various diseases.

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