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Online Doctor Consultation: Is It A Boon Or Sin?

Written by Dr. Prabudoss G S and medically reviewed by Dr. Sneha Kannan


Present Scenario In OUT-PATIENT:

A patient sees a doctor in person, explains his/ her complaints related to his illness to the doctor. He is examined by the doctor and prescribed the drugs. All relevant investigations are ordered and viewed during the follow-up visit.

What’s New In Online Consultation ??!!

All the above-mentioned happenings were only the rosy picture of the in-person consultation.

The Points Against In-person Visit Are:

  • The long waiting time for the patients.
  • The strain is taken to reach the place of consultation.
  • Subjecting to exposure to hospital-acquired infections.

These are only a few among the many reasons.

The Points Against Online Consultation Are:

  • The doctor does not physically see a patient.
  • Physical examination is not done by a doctor.
  • Chances of missing a diagnosis are more.

All the above points are not denied. But it is the online consultation concept which has to be completely understood by both patients & doctors who use this portal. Let’s go in depth to discuss better.

First of all online doctor consultation does not form a short cut for a physical consultation. It is only a communication platform which decreases the false barrier between patient and doctor, and for a patient to clarify his query to which he/she has to consult is finalized.

Let Us Take an Example:

Mr. X has body pain, fever, and tiredness - 1 day. He is not able to apply leave on the particular day, owing to his commitment in his office. What are his options?

  1. Take medicines available at home!
  2. Take medicines from pharmacy / where pharmacist becomes a doctor!
  3. Call up a doctor friend and ask for medication.
  4. Fix up an appointment the next day and wait till doctor is consulted.

Dear friends what option will you choose? Think it is over? Question is not new to you. Would you have already done that in the past?

Anything you chooses is not correct. This is my answer. Seeing a doctor immediately is the ideal solution. But how many can lead an ideal lifestyle?

Think About This Choice:

  • You see a doctor online or explain your problem or he also sees you over the web.
  • If the doctor feels that you can come and meet him the next day, he gives you relevant medicines & also prescribes some basic investigations which he will see it when you meet him in person.
  • But if he feels that you have to meet him immediately! He gives you life's valuable advice ... meet him on the same day.....Apply leave to office...
  • If the doctor is not from your place / at least he will advise you to meet the doctor in person.

So, all I wanted to conclude is:- is not a replacement to in-person consultation, but a symbiosis to in-person consultation.

Let us all use this as a boon!

Last reviewed at: 01.Apr.2019



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