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Sexual Problems in Young Men

Written by Dr. Sheetal Kamble and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

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It is very embarrassing for men to discuss their sexual problems with anyone, even a doctor. But, I would like to tell these men that sexual problems are very commonly seen in men. I have researched extensively on sexual problems in males and females. After spending a year in research, I concluded that several factors cause sexual problems in men. The aim of writing this article is to share my experience and guide people whose lives have been affected by one or more of these issues.

The Most Commonly Encountered:

  1. Premature ejaculation.
  2. Erectile dysfunction.
  3. Lack of interest in sex.

The Common Complaints:

  1. Addiction to masturbation.
  2. Poor or no erection during sex.
  3. Rapid ejaculation after watching or touching women.
  4. A good erection, but quick ejaculation.
  5. An early ejaculation only with a longtime partner, but it is normal when having sex with other women.
  6. A small size of the penis due to over masturbation.
  7. Other health problems like thinning of hair, loss of appetite, loss of weight, aged looks, acne, low self-confidence, loss of memory, loss of concentration in studies, and such.

What Are the Factors That Cause These Issues?

  1. Hormonal imbalance.
  2. Performance anxiety during sex.
  3. Past negative experiences or divorce.
  4. Excess of masturbation.
  5. Completely avoiding masturbation and supression of sexual feelings.
  6. Addiction to porn.
  7. Chronic health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure as well as their medications.

Is Masturbation Good for You?

Masturbation is a healthy habit, but excess masturbation is harmful. I would never ask my patients to stop masturbation completely because it is a natural process of your body. There is no hard and fast rule about the number of times a person can masturbate. It varies in each individual. But, when it starts affecting your social life and everyday routine, it is bad for you and can affect your mental, physical and sexual health.

When a person masturbates too much, a hormone is released in his body in excess, making him dull and drowsy. Also, it can make his penile muscles soft and less erect and such people complain about having a small penis. Since the penile muscles are not tight enough, they will not hold the erection for long. Hence the problem of quick ejaculation arises.

Management and Treatment:

Many pills are available in the market that claim to cure sexual problems. But, most men do not find these pills very effective. These medicines manage to provide only temporary benefits. Surprisingly, medicines are not the only solution to their problems. Counseling alone will help a majority of them, while in certain situations, counseling in combination with medicines seems to help. So, I cannot stress more on the importance of counseling and alternative therapies in treating men's sexual problems.

  • It is essential for men to understand what is normal and what is not. It is the physician's duty to explain and make them understand their condition better.
  • Completely stopping masturbation can be dangerous. But, of course, it is important to gradually reduce the frequency.
  • I would always advise men to be more expressive and share their problems with their partner. Women are naturally more understanding and would be willing to help them overcome the psychological pressure or anxiety.
  • Get involved in physical activities or take up a hobby like music, outdoor games, social events, etc.
  • Boosting the immunity is crucial. For this, I advise men to eat half a cup of nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts every day.
  • Have a healthy and nutritious diet that includes green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads, and yogurt.
  • Consuming eggs, fish, and chicken in moderation will help balance certain essential vitamins in your body.
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol. Stop smoking and drug-use completely.
  • Men must understand that sex is not just an act of insertion, but is a pleasurable activity for both the partners. First, relax and spend some quality time with your partner.
  • Homeopathic remedies act wonderfully in sexual problems. Some commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies are Staphysagria, Damiana, Lycopodium, Caladium, Selenium, etc. Homeopathic remedies are given based on the symptoms and the complete totality of the individual.

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