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How to Clean Your Wrist Braces?

Written by
Dr. Vidhi Hareshbhai Talati
and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

Published on Mar 15, 2017 and last reviewed on Oct 10, 2019   -  6 min read


You might be using wrist braces if you suffered from a wrist injury or to protect yourself during heavy use. This article tells you how to clean your wrist braces.

How to Clean Your Wrist Braces?

People take every precaution to protect their heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, eyes, ears, mouth, etc. Wrists are one part of our body that we forget, until it starts hurting. We take care of our hands. But our hands are useless if our wrists are not functioning. Once the wrists start giving trouble, people realize the importance of their wrists. Most of the time when we realize the importance, the damage is already done.

Wrist Anatomy

There are eight carpal bones in each hand. The bones are in two rows. These two rows form the bottom of the carpal tunnel. Ligament is a very sturdy tissue which covers the top of the carpal tunnel. All the eight carpal bones are connected to the one next to it with tiny ligament. The base of the palm where the forearm and hand get connected is the carpal tunnel. Nerves and tendons pass through this tunnel. The blood supply to the hand goes through this tunnel. The tendons which help us to move our fingers run through this tunnel. These connect the muscles of the forearm to the fingers. The tendons are covered with a greasy fibrous tissue named synovium. Synovium swells when the wrists suffer damage.

Wrist Injury

How Do Wrist Braces Work?

The wrist braces are one easy solution to your tired wrists which suffer. A wrist brace (or splint) helps you keep your wrist firm and still being able to move without restrain. It also helps to reduce the pressure on the median nerve. Furthermore, the wrist braces give comfort to the pain which makes the movements difficult. The wrist brace is a short term remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome. Long term use of wrist braces may weaken the wrist muscles. You can avoid this by exercising your wrist muscles after using wrist braces. It is always good to remember that wrist brace is not a replacement for the missing ergonomics at your work place.

A good, wrist brace will put you at ease, last a long time, and easy to put on and remove and also easily washable. Also, it must help to hold the wrist in a neutral position and also confine to comfortable wrist movements while restricting difficult hand movements.

Wrist Braces - Types

Wrist braces can be easily bought at the drug store or pharmacy without a prescription. Sometimes the wrist braces are custom made for each person. This allows you to get wrist braces made for you with lightweight materials. This makes wearing a wrist brace more comfortable and less clumsy. To get a custom made wrist brace, an order will have to be placed through your physical or occupational therapist.

There are different types and sizes of wrist braces available now, as per your need. The type of braces needed will depend on which structures are damaged in your wrists.

How to Clean Your Wrist Braces?

Wrist braces provide you the remedy for very uncomfortable wrist conditions. But maintaining the wrist braces may worsen hygiene conditions much worse than your wrist condition if one is not careful. Therefore, always be aware that keeping your wrist braces in a clean state is always advised.You need to consult a therapist after using the wrist braces for the prescribed time. Wrist braces may not be the remedy for all wrist ailments. Therefore, sometimes if the pain has not healed, the therapist may recommend a surgery.

In case of wrist injuries, consult a physiotherapist online -->

Last reviewed at:
10 Oct 2019  -  6 min read




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