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Affirmative Sleep Talking

Written by Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


Sleep talk therapy is a new type of remedy in which you talk with your kid while he/she is sleeping. This therapy is very useful for kids from the age of toddlers to 12 years. It helps build positiveness in your kid's behavior. Parents can opt for this therapy when they are worried about common childhood problems.

There are many problems kids have in their early age like:

Bed wetting, aggressiveness, low self-confidence, feeling of loneliness, lack of concentration, teeth grinding, tendency to throw tantrums, aversion to food/bath/brushing teeth, nailbiting, mood swings in teenage, exam fear and many more. Parents need not worry about these complaints because they can be improved by sleep talk therapy.

What Exactly To Do?

First, focus on things or the behavior that you want to encourage in your child.

You can whisper some positive words into your kid's ear once he/she falls asleep. You can say four to five sentences at a time. Do not load them with a lot of information.

During the first 40 to 50 minutes after they fall asleep, their subconscious mind is awake and they are open to accepting such positive words. You have to use positive words in the present tense.

  1. For example, if your kid does not like to brush his teeth, then you have to say “You are a very good boy who likes to brush your teeth”.
  2. If your kid is throwing a tantrum every day you have to say “You are a very good girl. You like to be happy”.
  3. For bedwetting, you can try saying something like "My kid always likes dry pants”.

You have to maintain consistency for sleep talk therapy. You may not see the result in just a matter of two to three days and forget about it. It requires consistency with a positive approach from your end. You will see a change definitely after a few days (two to four weeks). Do not lose hope. It will work when done consistently.

It is a nice gift you can give your kid and yourself also. Both the parents can be involved in this. If both do it, the results are best. You can also chant prayers in sleep talk therapy as they have a powerful healing effect and can boost up memory.

Try this and see the positive changes yourself.

Last reviewed at: 29.Nov.2018



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