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Fussy Eaters: How to Complete Their Nutritional Needs

Written by Dr. Krystel Quadros and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

Image: Fussy Eaters: How to Complete Their Nutritional Needs

Few tips might help your child develop a liking for healthy food -

Incorporate Variety in Your Kid's Diet

Kids do not like to eat the same foods daily. For example, if you give your child a bottle gourd every day, he might get bored of it and start developing a hatred towards that food. Introducing a variety in your kid’s diet is very essential so that your child does not feel mealtimes to be boring. You can include wraps instead of the regular roti with vegetables. It looks attractive to a kid than eating a normal chapatti.

Include Iron and Calcium Rich Foods in Your Kid's Diet

Iron helps to increase your kid's appetite. Lack of iron leads to lethargy and restlessness. It also helps to boost their memory power and perform well in academics. Iron can be obtained from sources like green leafy vegetables, and nonvegetarian foods. Garden cress seeds are a good source of iron too. They can be powdered and added to vegetables and given to children. Dates which are a perfect source of iron can be added to smoothies to replace refined sugars. Calcium is necessary to build and strengthen the bones. It is obtained from milk and milk products like curd, cottage cheese, greens, fish, etc.

The Importance of Adding Protein to Children's Diet

Protein is an essential nutrient necessary for growth. Lack of protein may lead to malnutrition in your child, retardation of growth, slow mental development, and hair loss. Good sources of protein are nuts, eggs, whole milk, milk products, pulses, chicken, fish, and nuts.

Ensure Foods Rich in Antioxidants in Your Kid’s Diet

Antioxidants are present in fruits and vegetables which protect your kid from diseases. Lack of antioxidants in your kid’s diet may make your child easily prone to infections. For fussy kids, milkshakes can be introduced in the diet with a garnish like cherry which might fascinate your child. Vegetables can be introduced in the form of cutlets (patties) in different shapes like triangle shape, star shape, and heart shape which is loved by many kids. Sweet potato which is dense in nutrients can be added to your kid’s diet and seems to be the most favorite among kids.

Let Your Child Help You in the Kitchen

Involving children in the cooking process generates an excitement and they are more likely to eat the food as they were involved in the preparation.

Probiotics Are Beneficial for Your Kid’s Gut

Probiotics help keep the gut flora healthy by destroying harmful microbes in their system. Good gut muscle integrity is needed for normal digestion and to avoid various infections caused due to various bacteria and viruses. Greek yogurt can be consumed by fussy eaters who have a sweet tooth.

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