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Homeopathy for Dentition in Children

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Dr. Sheetal Kamble
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30 Nov 2018  -  2 min read



In this article, I will be discussing the role of homeopathy during the dentition or teething process in a child.

Homeopathy for Dentition in Children

The first appearance of teeth varies from one baby to another. Most babies develop the first tooth between six to 12 months of age. Some babies may not have any teeth by 1 year of age which is completely normal. Usually, babies put their fingers and hands in their mouth at around three to four months when they start having increased salivation. And after a few months, that is, at around six to seven months of age, they start developing teeth. Babies usually have developed all teeth by the age of 3.

During this process of dentition, babies are very irritable, fussy, lose appetite, and drool which is all very normal. All babies go through these symptoms during dentition. However, immediate attention is required when babies get fever, diarrhea, or develop rashes on the body. During such times, it is advisable to seek medical attention or visit your physician for a check up.

Sometimes, even after giving the required medications, babies do not feel comfortable and their physical symptoms do not subside. The irritability increases day by day which makes parents more irritable causing effect on their health as well. To avoid this situation, it is best to try homeopathy as soon as babies start developing teeth. Homeopathic remedies will help and soothe the entire process of dentition and babies will not have to go through all the fuss. As we know, homeopathic medicines have fewer side effects, it can be safely used in the babies. Depending on the symptoms, remedies can be prescribed.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Teething Troubles

  • Chamomila - This remedy is most commonly used for babies going through dentition troubles. This remedy is indicated in babies who are very fussy, irritable, in terrible pain during dentition with lots of anger. They are in so much pain and anger that they will kick, bite or cry and nothing consoles them at that time. Parents become helpless at this time. They get quiet only when they are carried. Hence, parents have to carry the baby all the time and be petted constantly. The baby will cry as soon as the parents put them down. During the pain, they will keep on demanding things. Once parents get the things for them, they want something else. Chamomila acts as an excellent painkiller. Chamomila 30c one or two doses can be given in the form of pills dissolved in few drops of water.
  • Cina - Cina is another wonderful remedy for dentition trouble in babies. This remedy is very similar to Chamomila. Like Chamomila, Cina babies are irritable (less irritable than Chamomila child) and fussy. However, unlike Chamomila, these babies are extremely sensitive and do not like if someone touches them. They do not like to be carried. In fact, they start crying a lot as soon as parents carry them. Cina 6c or 30c can be given twice a day.
  • Belladonna - This remedy is indicated in babies that have swollen, reddish, and very painful gums during teething. If fever is present along with swollen and reddish gums, Belladonna is a perfect choice of remedy. Belladonna 30c once or twice can be given for two to three days. Stop the remedy once improvement is seen.
  • Ipecac - This remedy is useful when babies suffer from diarrhea or vomiting along with teething trouble. Ipecac 30c once or twice a day is useful to keep diarrhea and other gastric complaints in control.

Above mentioned remedies are very commonly used by homeopaths during dentition trouble. However, there are many other remedies that can be prescribed for this issue. These remedies can be prescribed based on the symptoms and general condition of the babies. Remedies can be frequently given if the condition is very acute. Otherwise, two or three doses are enough.

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30 Nov 2018  -  2 min read




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