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Ways to Teach Your Child Good Manners

Published on Aug 26, 2019 and last reviewed on Aug 31, 2019   -  1 min read



"Good manners" must be taught to children at a very young age itself, as it becomes a good habit. When we respect others and have good manners, it reflects in our family background and etiquette.

Ways to Teach Your Child Good Manners

1) Teach Them to Say Kind Words like "Please" and "Thank You:"

Teach your children to say please when asking for something or requesting something. Teach them to say thank you. For example, when your kid's friend has shared his toys with your child, teach your child to say thank you. To build good manners in your child, try to use kind words like welcome, thank you, please, and sorry yourself when needed. Be polite. Children notice the behavior of parents and imitate them. Be a role model for your child.

2) Teach Them Sharing:

Teach your children how to share. If your child does not learn the art of sharing, in the long run, your kid might learn to be selfish. Your kid can share simple things like toys. You can even add one extra bread or some more vegetables in your child's lunchbox for his or her friend too.

3) Teach Your Child Not to Interrupt When Others Are Speaking and Let Them Complete Speaking First:

You might often get angry when you are having an in-depth conversation with your friend, and your kid is always talking to you in the middle. You can politely teach your kid to say kind words like excuse me and correct your child gently in private. This makes your child feel important, and he learns something from it, and next time your kid will definitely wait until you complete speaking to your friend.

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4) Teach Your Child to Speak Politely Outside:

When you notice your child speaking too loudly, make your kid understand that speaking too loudly might lead to noise pollution and that some people might get disturbed. Teach your kid that speaking softly and politely sounds like music to the ears. You must also be polite with others because children are silent observers. Hence, always practice what you preach.

5) Teach Your Child to Help Others:

Always teach your child the good value of helping others. When you help others, you receive abundant blessings from the Almighty. You can show your kid to assist you in minor household chores like cleaning the house and filling the toys or even giving your child's grandparents a glass of water when they ask for it.

I hope you really liked reading this article. Have a great and an energetic day ahead!

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31 Aug 2019  -  1 min read


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