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Why Is The Consumption Of Fruits Essential For Children?

Written by Dr. Krystel Quadros and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


Following are some reasons the consumption of fruits is very essential for children.

Good Source Of Fiber

Fruits are a very good source of fiber and also moisture which helps to eradicate various problems like constipation often faced by children. It helps to prevent childhood obesity as when children consume fruits that are loaded with fiber, it gives them a sense of fullness and prevents them from overeating. Hence, do encourage them to consume a variety of fruits, especially seasonal fruits, which provide numerable benefits to your kid.

Prevents Heart Disease

Soluble fiber present in fruits like apple, pear, and guava helps to eradicate harmful cholesterol in the artery of your child thus preventing serious heart diseases like atherosclerosis and various kinds of cardiovascular diseases. Hence, do consume a variety of fruits.

Prevents Cancer

Consuming two to three fruits daily protects your child from various kinds of cancers like cancer of the mouth, stomach and the esophagus as it helps to reduce the reactive oxidative stress in their body. It can be consumed in the whole form or else you can also give them to your child by cutting and dipping it in curds which are also a good source of probiotics which will keep the gut of your child very healthy and free from contracting any kind of illness or infections.

Loaded With Moisture

Children these days often suffer from symptoms like dehydration due to inadequate water consumption and getting exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun while playing outdoor games. Thus, it becomes very important to give your child fruits which are loaded with moisture to prevent issues like dehydration in children.

Prevents Constipation

Is your kid suffering from constipation frequently? One of the reasons your child is suffering from constipation is due to lack of fiber in the diet as in the case of consuming junk foods from outside like burgers and pizzas and also aerated drinks which are high in fats and sugars, but sadly low in fiber which leads to issues like constipation in children. Hence, do give your child various fruits every day to get rid of constipation. Your child may also get constipated when he or she is highly stressed due to a new place or a shift to a new school. Therefore, teach your child to be calm by practicing ten minutes of meditation just before going to sleep at night.

I hope you found this article informative and would definitely incorporate fruits in their diet.

Last reviewed at: 20.Dec.2018



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