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Homeopathic Medicine for Ringworm or Jock Itch

Written by
Dr. Jayvirsinh Indrasinh Chauhan
and medically reviewed by Dr. Sneha Kannan

12 Aug 2019  -  3 min read



Jock itch, also called tinea cruris, more commonly known as ringworm.This article discusses regarding the basic misconceptions about ringworm and its permanent solution.

Homeopathic Medicine for Ringworm or Jock Itch

What Is Jock Itch?

Jock itch, also called tinea cruris, more commonly known as ringworm, is a kind of fungal infection which frequently affects the groin area although it can affect any part of the skin.

As It has already been said, it is a fungal infection, but what are the triggering factors for it.

What Triggers Jock Itch?

Usually, the fungus grows and flare up very easily in areas where there is moisture, like folds of the skin, groin, buttocks, underarms, neck, back of the knees, etc. It is also seen in the parts that remain covered with clothes, especially non-cotton clothes which does not allow proper air circulation to the parts.

Again poor hygiene maintenance in the house as well as of the person gives the fungi a better circumstance to grow.

But what most of the patients suffering from it do not know or are kept in dark about it, is that they got the infection because their immunity is low, the disease repelling power of the body is less and that is why it allows such parasites to grow on our body.

In most cases, it does not require any specific investigations to diagnose as the diagnosis is pretty clear by the typical rash and the location of the eruption.

Patient experiences severe itching, which is aggravated mostly while undressing and while going to bed. There are circular rashes with clear-cut and elevated margins which is increasing its area day by day. Before going to the actual treatment part let us know what we can do to keep it in check.

What Are the Ways to Keep Jock Itch Under Check?

  1. Wear good quality clothes which are not too thick to hamper the air circulation to the skin.
  2. Keep the skin folds clean and in case of excessive perspiration, the clothes may need to be changed during the day.
  3. Always wash hands while eating or handling common utensils and food.
  4. Take healthy food and more nutritious diet.

Now comes the part of the treatment, where most of the readers are most interested. Let me first tell you one thing. The products available in the market which are sold over the counter for the infection contain steroids and are not worth it. You may empty as many tubes as you like, but the itch will return once you stop it as it is not a permanent solution.

How Can Jock Itch Be Treated Through Homeopathy?

What most of the people do not understand is that treatment of local skin eruption by a local application is not a cure, the infection is throughout the body. Treating it locally without internal medicines will just remove the skin rash for time being, and it will return soon once the medication is stopped.

Instead, take proper internal treatment (preferably homeopathic) to treat the systemic infection and once it is cleared the eruption or the rashes will go on its own much faster than the creams and also will not leave any marks on the skin.

There are many good medicines in homeopathy which has shown excellent results like Bacillinum, Tellurium, Sepia, Sulfur, Dulcamara, etc. The list does not end here. There are many other medicines which can be good in such cases. That is why instead of self-medicating, one should always seek proper homeopathic treatment with a personal consultation.

In many cases, what happens is patients try these so-called specific homeopathic medicines and they fail to get results and leave homeopathy with the impression that it does not give results. Try to understand what happened here. They have taken homeopathic medicines according to allopathic principles which is a big mismatch.

Until the sufferer understands the importance of proper consultation, it is difficult to give them encouraging results. Most of them keep spending money on creams, ointments, and medicines heard by word of mouth and end up spending more money than they would have spent on a proper consultation.

This article is in no way intended to suggest some medicines to the patients. My strong recommendation is to consult a specialist and take proper treatment and get healthy soon.

For more information consult a homeopathic skin diseases specialist online -->

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12 Aug 2019  -  3 min read



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