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Homeopathy for Homemakers

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Dr. Sheetal Kamble
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Published on Mar 29, 2018 and last reviewed on Dec 12, 2018   -  3 min read


Mothers are the pillar of support for every household. If they are healthy, the whole family remains peaceful and happy. But many times, moms tend to neglect their health as they are busy taking care of their kids, husband, in-laws, and grandparents. Neglected health conditions can lead to severe problems in the long run.

Homeopathy for Homemakers

Homemakers are the most hardworking lot. They work 24/7 with no breaks, no vacation, and without a change in daily routine. Be it summer vacation or a delightful festival; she has to perform her daily household chores. She just cannot say 'I am done, let me take a break for five days.' Because, if she does, the whole family will have to go through a cluttered life. Her life always revolves around her family, keeping very limited time for herself. Due to such a hectic life, it is natural that she goes through various mental, emotional, and physical health problems.

In this article, I will be going through few different kinds of homemakers and the homeopathic remedies that suit these women well.

1) Very Family-Oriented Women (Ignatia Homemakers):

Some women are very family-oriented. They prefer caring for their family over pursuing their career. Although they are highly educated, they will leave their job for their family. They have very high morals and will disagree if a family member goes against it. She is a woman who takes care of every minor thing concerning her husband, kids, and in-laws. People rarely complain about her. Taking care of her family is a responsibility for her and not a duty to perform, and hence she does all the household chores from her heart and not just for the sake of doing. She puts her family's views before hers and makes sure every family member gets what they have asked for. If you dig deeper to understand why these women are like this, the answer is her morals. It would be against her morals to not take care of her in-laws or argue with her family members. At the same time, if any of these family members go against the law or do not stick to morals, she will make sure they do not go down a wrong path, and she may even fight for it. If such homemakers suffer from severe headaches, they will not stop working, but keep on doing their work. She will not show her illness until someone recognizes it from her behavior. In homeopathy, we prescribe Ignatia to such women. Ignatia is given for many health complaints, be it a simple cold or a very deep-seated mental illness.

2) Career-Oriented Women Who Still Performs Her Duties (Sepia Homemakers):

These are the ones who are career-oriented but due to some reason are unable to work. The reason can be anything like husbands do not allow, moved to a completely different country, or kids take most of the time, etc. Such homemakers life also revolve around her family, she takes care of the whole family and makes sure everyone is happy, but she considers the household chores to be simply a duty and not a responsibility. She does the work for the sake of doing it. She just wants to complete the tasks and give some time for herself or her hobbies. In such women, the physical or mental illness starts after quitting the job, or after getting married. Sepia is also called as 'washerwoman's remedy' because these women are so involved in the household chores that they never get time to look after themselves. And they always have the desire to do something for themselves that makes them happy.

3) Manipulative Women (Pulsatilla Homemakers):

There are also some women who always want the husband's attention. They start feeling ill if the husband is not around and will feel better as soon as the husband speaks nicely and takes care of her. It does not mean that she is pretending to be sick. She is truly sick, but feels comfortable and soothed when her husband takes care of her. She will make him do most of the household work. During an illness, her behavior is like that of a child who needs to be taken care of. For instance, this kind of housewife, if suffers from a headache, will leave all her household work and go to sleep and will wait for her husband to get back home and inquire about her health. She will ask him to sit beside her bed and cuddle her.

The homemakers as mentioned above are a few examples of women and their indicative remedies based on their behavior. Of course, the selection of the remedy also depends on the symptoms and overall picture of the person. I have only mentioned a few snapshots of different kinds of homemakers and few common remedies that might match their illnesses.

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