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Dr.Omprakash Rohidas naikwade
Sciatica is a set of symptoms caused by the compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve, described as a shooting pain starting from the lower back and extending down the back of each leg. Various different conditions can cause this pain. The pain of sciatica is very distressing, often making it difficult to sit, stand, or walk. This article talks about the various causes of pain in the area and how they can be managed.. read more »

Dr.Vasantha  K S
This article talks about the condition where the foreskin is tight and there is difficulty in retraction.. read more »

Dr.Akanksha  Sharma
Often, we use the word 'depression' loosely in our everyday life. Depression is mainly associated with low mood, crying, sadness, and sulking. If these symptoms are not treated immediately, it might become a prevailing issue in the long run. Also, frequently we come across people who require help, but we are unsure of what to say to the friend who is currently facing a break-up or someone who has lost a loved one. How to identify these signs and symptoms in ourselves and people around us? How can you contribute to lending a helping hand to them? Here is a brief introduction to depression to aid in sensitization of the public.. read more »

Dr.Akhil  K Padmanabhan
A majority of the population visit the dentist primarily for two reasons - to improve esthetics or to fix an annoying toothache. But, a lot of systemic health issues are first manifested in the mouth. So yes, oral health is definitely an early reflection of your systemic health.. read more »

Dr.Vasantha  K S
There is an enormous shift in attitude among the youth towards sex. Although they are leading a modern lifestyle, they are often caught up in unfamiliar situations. This article aims to create more awareness regarding the popular 'morning-after' pill and how to use it correctly to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.. read more »

Dr.Mahmoud Ahmed abelrahman Abouibrahim
Pain in the anus is one of the most common complaints encountered in the outpatient clinics. The pain is sometimes described by the patient as 'my worst pain ever. This article provides some suggestions on how to avoid facing this annoying issue by making few dietary and lifestyle changes.. read more »

Dr.Mashfika   N Alam
Fungal infections of the skin and mucosal surfaces are very common. There are various types of fungi that affect different areas of the body causing distinct symptoms. Most mild to moderate cases can be treated with topical antifungals whereas severe cases require oral antifungal medications.. read more »

Dr.Ashwini  V  Swamy
Fungal infections (tinea) are common in routine dermatology practice and they tend to become recurrent even with adequate medications if proper skin care measures are not followed. This article provide details about the Ringworm, the sites where it commonly affecting, how does it looks like, symptoms, the do's and the dont's.. read more »

Dr.Isaac  Gana
This article talks about BNP, which is a protein released by the heart during heart failure and other cardiac problems. And, also about the significance of BNP in the treatment of heart conditions.. read more »

Dr.Mahmoud Ahmed abelrahman Abouibrahim
Chest pain is one of the most common complaints encountered in the ER (emergency room) every day. Most of the patients panic as they think there is a serious problem with their heart. To what extent should we worry about it? When should we seek medical help for our chest pain?. read more »