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About "Allergy Specialist"

An allergy specialist is a physician specifically trained to deal with any type of allergic disease or condition. This includes a wide variety of conditions like asthma, anaphylaxis, any allergy to foreign objects such as dust, food, cosmetics, venom, etc. Medically, it is important to know which drug you are allergic to (if any) which will be tested by this specialist and the suitable and non-suitable medications will be suggested accordingly.

Allergy can be seen as mild rashes or redness to severe swelling and difficulty in breathing or congestion, which can begin within a few minutes to a few days or long periods like months. Hence, in any such condition, you will be referred to the allergist and they will perform certain tests on you either using blood or skin or by eliminating certain food.

Since most of the allergies can be visualized over the skin, it is easy to consult the specialist online using images and detailed history following which the doctor can advise you the tests, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

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