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About "Childbirth Educator"

A childbirth educator is a specialist who has completed certified training in pregnancy, labor, delivery, and parenting. They provide preparation to expectant mothers about the methods of birthing, pain management, and post-partum care. This helps the to-be parents make informed decisions about themselves and their baby.

They do realize that different couples have different expectations from the birthing process and assess their needs and counsel them on setting realistic goals. They also guide moms in late pregnancy regarding breathing and relaxation techniques that will ease them during labor.

Apart from just passing on their knowledge about childbirth, these specialists also mentors families on dealing with unexpected situations and ways to tackle them. They are trained to handle all types of situations and they communicate it to you in interactive sessions.

Some childbirth educators also gain additional certifications in nutritional counseling, pregnancy massage, prenatal yoga, lactation (breastfeeding) techniques, and newborn care. Certified childbirth educators work in different settings in the community such as maternity clinics, private hospitals, offices, private organizations or public health centers.

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