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The commonly seen dental problems in older patients are diseases of the gums like gingivitis and periodontists, loose teeth, gum recession, missing tooth or teeth, dry mouth, and dental caries. Dental treatment for geriatric patients has to be planned based on other medical conditions that the patient has. Dental problems increase with aging, as geriatric patients tend to visit dental clinics less often due to limited mobility and other health conditions. They cannot perform proper oral hygiene methods due to reduced dexterity and strength. For patients with missing teeth, complete or partial dentures can be fabricated. To stop gum diseases from spreading further, dental scaling or cleaning needs to be done every six months. Due to constant chewing forces, the teeth wear off and cause sensitivity. Most of the older patients have dry mouth, which is a side effect of diabetes, antidepressants medications, Parkinson's, and  Alzheimer's disease. As a result, oral infections like candidiasis are frequently seen.
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