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About "Jaw Diseases"

Various diseases that affect the jaw bones are temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders (disorder of the joint that connects the jaw to the skull), osteonecrosis of the bone (cells in the jaw bone die), trismus (lockjaw), dental abscess (abscess formation near the tooth root can cause loss of jaw bone), mandibular fracture, cysts in the jaw, odontogenic tumor (tumor of the tooth-forming cells), dislocation of jaw, micrognathism (small jaw), actinomycosis (bacterial infection), torus mandibularis (bony growth in the mandible), prognathism (protruded mandible), injury to the jaw, phossy jaw (phosphorus poisoning), fibrous dysplasia (bone marrow is replaced with fibrous tissue), ankylosis (TMJ gets fused), osteoporosis, and cherubism (abnormal bone formation in the lower part of the face). The common symptoms of jaw diseases are pain and tenderness in the jaw, pain in the ear, facial pain, and difficulty in opening, closing, and moving the lower jaw.

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