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About "Refractive Error"

Refractive error is also called as refraction error and occurs whether
is an issue with accurate focusing of light on the retina due to the
shape of the eye. There are various types and some of them include
myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Myopia is
near-sightedness where the far away objects appear blurry and
hyperopia  and is far-sightedness where in the nearby objects appear
blurry. Also, presbyopia leads to close objects being blurry.
Astigmatism is a condition that leads to objects appearing stretched
out or blurry. Some of the other symptoms that may be accompanied are
double vision, strain in the eyes, headaches.

People often get confused with blurry vision and refractive error,
thus can be diagnosed using various eye examination methods like usage
of lenses, retinoscope, etc. The treatment depends on the severity of
the condition. Very mild symptoms do not need correction. Symptomatic
conditions need treatment with eye glasses, contact lenses, refractive
surgery, or a combination of these.

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