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#iCliniq Success Stories

Know how iCliniq's Psychiatrist impart knowledge about sexual education
A worried parent of a 7-year-old boy had contacted a psychiatrist on icliniq.com regarding some strange sexual behavior exhibited by the child... Read story »

Know how iCliniq's physician helped pinpoint the root cause of a longstanding problem.
A patient complained of itching, boils, and dark marks inside the butt cheeks since several years. The patient also mentioned that he amply moisturized the area after showers assuming it to be dry skin, but that did not provide relief. The doctor identified it to be a fungal infection and suggested some creams to be applied to the affected area. .. Read story »

Know how iCliniq's physician sorted out a PCOD patient's suspicion of unwanted pregnancy?
A 25-year-old female with PCOD issues approached icliniq.com. Now, her problem was that of uncertainty... Read story »

Know how iCliniq helped a worried mother get some peace of mind
A worried mother reached out to icliniq.com after noticing some strange movements in her 14-week old baby.. Read story »

Know how an icliniq doctor built confidence in a patient and helped him relax before a scan
​A patient, who had visible blood in his urine after any form of exercise, wished to know if he really required an MRI with contrast for his prostate, as he was perplexed after reading about the toxic effects of the contrast material... Read story »

Know how successfully we treated inconvenient fungal infection with appropriate hygiene tips
A patient contacted us with complaints of an infection on the glans and shaft of the penis. He had observed red patches and irritation in the area from 18 to 20 days... Read story »

Know how minor online clarifications can give peace of mind
A father of a 2 year old girl had messaged icliniq.com regarding the proper management of a wound after the kid fell and injured her forehead on a wooden plank while playing... Read story »

Know how second opinion play a major role with proper medical history
A patient contacted a neurosurgeon on icliniq.com with pain and heaviness of the head after a part of a concrete ceiling collapsed on him.. Read story »

Know how an icliniq's physician identified 'storage pool defect' in a young patient
But, an efficient hematologist on icliniq.com explained to the dad about the seriousness of this disorder and made clear on certain precautions to be taken for him before attempting any invasive procedure.. Read story »

Know how iCliniq identified the sickness of a 45 day old baby from Australia
A 45-day-old baby from Australia had breathing issues and the baby's mother consulted our online doctor at icliniq.com. After asking certain questions, the doctor asked the mother to record the breath sounds of the baby and upload them... Read story »

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