#iCliniq Success Stories

Know how a concerned patient got impressed and relaxed with the quick response of iCliniq Physician?
A worried patient noticed a weird lesion and white scaly patches at the back of her throat... Read story »

Know how an iCliniq's Homeopathic physician helped a user with skin related concerns
A patient concerned about his dull face skin contacted a homeopathic doctor on icliniq.com... Read story »

Know how iCliniq's Radiologist gives relief to a worried daughters heart
A worried daughter of a 68 year old patient contacted a radiologist on icliniq.com regarding the interpretation of chest CT scans of her mother, who coughed up blood a week back. .. Read story »

Know how an iCliniq physician cautioned the user about possible selenium deficiency
A patient with severe hair fall and breakage was advised by her nutritionist to take multivitamin supplements that contained iodine in it but only after consulting a GP as she also suffered from an underactive thyroid... Read story »

Know how our patient recovered from a longstanding genital infection with Icliniq Dr's prompt instruction/guidance?
43-year-old married man who was previously diagnosed with balanitis complained that he had applied Momate F.. Read story »

Know how an iCliniq physician comforts a worried son and clears his doubts.
An icliniq user was concerned about his 67-year-old father having shivers.. Read story »

Know how iCliniq's doctor comprehensibly responded and shed light on the patient's doubts
A troubled patient contacted an ophthalmologist on icliniq.com with complaints of seeing moving dots and fuzziness although his eye test results always came up normal. .. Read story »

Know how an iCliniq Physician treats patients with simple home remedies
A 32 year old overweight patient had a problem of being unable to pass stools entirely. .. Read story »

Know how iCliniq's Psychiatrist impart knowledge about sexual education
A worried parent of a 7-year-old boy had contacted a psychiatrist on icliniq.com regarding some strange sexual behavior exhibited by the child... Read story »

Know how iCliniq's physician helped pinpoint the root cause of a longstanding problem.
A patient complained of itching, boils, and dark marks inside the butt cheeks since several years. The patient also mentioned that he amply moisturized the area after showers assuming it to be dry skin, but that did not provide relief. The doctor identified it to be a fungal infection and suggested some creams to be applied to the affected area. .. Read story »

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