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Know How iCliniq’s Neurologist Helped a 62-Year-Old Woman With Dizziness
A concerned son of a 62-year-old patient contacted a neurologist on iCliniq, as his mother felt giddy on and off for more than four years... Read story »

Know How iCliniq's Doctor Helped a Distressed Pregnant Woman
A pregnant woman reached out to a gynaecologist on iCliniq.com for his opinion on her 10-week pregnant ultrasound. She had previously consulted this doctor in person, years back, for menstrual problems. The patient was impressed by the doctor's knowledge back then, and as the doctor no longer consulted in the nearby hospital, she reached out to him on iCliniq... Read story »

Know How iCliniq’s Doctor Guided a Pregnant Women With Painkiller Allergy
A patient who was allergic to NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) reached out to an allergy specialist on iCliniq.com. .. Read story »

Know How iCliniq’s Endocrinologist Helped a Patient With Multiple Thyroid Nodules
A patient who had osteoporosis with a history of fragility fractures, bouts of depression, hypermobility (the ability to stretch the joints beyond the normal range of motion), multinodular goiter (multiple growths in the thyroid gland), and Hashimoto's thyroiditis (an autoimmune condition that results in underactive thyroid) consulted iCliniq's endocrinologist... Read story »

Know How iCliniq's Doctor Helped a Woman With Heart Symptoms and Autoimmune Disorders
A 34-year-old female experiencing shortness of breath and increased heart rates for the past year consulted a cardiologist on iCliniq.com... Read story »

Know how iCliniq’s Doctor Cleared a Patient’s Doubts About the COVID-19 Vaccine
A patient who was going to get vaccinated with the new COVID-19 vaccine consulted a general practitioner at iCliniq.com... Read story »

Know How iCliniq's Doctor Prevented a Patient From Getting a Colonoscopy
A patient who was suffering from abdominal pain, indigestion, bloating, and diarrhoea underwent laparotomy to remove adhesion a few weeks back, as the CT scan only showed adhesions. Sadly, the patient continued to have these symptoms even after the surgery and decided to consult a gastroenterologist on iCliniq.com... Read story »

Know How iCliniq's Neurosurgeon Helped a Patient With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
A patient who injured her head after some part of a concrete ceiling collapsed on her contacted a neurosurgeon on iCliniq.com... Read story »

Know How iCliniq's Doctor Helped a Patient With Red and White Spots on the Glans Penis.
A 32-year-old male with red and white spots on the glans penis, which were a little itchy sometimes, contacted a dermatologist on iCliniq.com for help... Read story »

Know how a patient's video helped iCliniq's Orthopedician to suggest knee pain management.
A patient who was suffering from knee pain consulted an orthopedic surgeon on iCliniq.com. The patient had a sore knee, which pained throughout the day and was very painful at night... Read story »

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