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A worried patient noticed a weird lesion and white scaly patches at the back of her throat. From the last couple of months, her throat felt strained after a normal conversation. The patient is a known hypertensive, and her antihypertensive drugs make her crave acidic food, which the patient started consuming a lot. From the time she started having throat issues, she cut down on acidic food like hot sauces and vinegar thinking it to be the cause, but it did not help. So she decided to consult her primary care physician. Her primary care physician was unable to diagnose the condition, so she prescribed an antibiotic and referred her to an ENT specialist.


Until the time of her appointment, the patient was worried and wanted to know more about this lesion, so she contacted an otolaryngologist on She attached a picture of the back of her throat and informed us about her symptoms and concerns. Our doctor seeing the query replied in 7 minutes and told her that sometimes it is normal for the pharyngeal mucosa to appear granular or it can also be due to acute granular pharyngitis. The doctor reassured her that it is nothing to worry about, and to continue taking the antibiotic suggested by her PCP along with painkillers, plenty of fluids, and warm saline or Chlorhexidine gargles.


The patient impressed with the quick response, sent another picture of her throat for the doctor to double check. She wanted to know if the pink lesion on the image was normal. For which the doctor replied in a couple of minutes telling her that it was nothing sinister. He mentioned that it is a typical presentation of chronic throat irritation, and told her to relax and continue the antibiotics and other remedies that he suggested. Additionally, he also advised her to stop smoking and to avoid spicy and fried food. He also reassured her that it was nothing serious. The patient was pleased with the doctor, as his quick reply and professional advice put her mind at ease. The doctor made sure that the patient was relaxed until the appointment with an ENT specialist.

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