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A 26-year-old PCOD patient was having heavy menstrual bleeding for more than a couple of weeks. During her last period, she had spotting for ten days and then started bleeding heavily from the 11th day. As the bleeding did not stop even after ten days, she consulted a local gynecologist, who gave her hormonal medicines. The bleeding stopped within six days of taking the tablet, but as she forgot to take the pill for three days consecutively, she started bleeding again. She again consulted her gynecologist, who told her to continue the hormonal medicine for 21 days and also gave her an antifibrinolytic drug.

But as the bleeding did not stop even after five days, she contacted a gynecologist on Our doctor explained that the bleeding she is experiencing now is withdrawal bleeding as she missed three hormonal tablets. He suggested her to stop the hormonal medicine and take antifibrinolytic to stop the bleeding. He also told her to start the PCOD regimen after the bleeding stops and requested her to get some tests done. As the bleeding did not stop even after two days, she contacted our doctor again, who increased the dosage and told her that it would take 3 to 4 days for the bleeding to stop. He also asked for additional information like the number of sanitary pads used by the patient currently in a day. To which the patient replied after a few days saying her bleeding has reduced, so the doctor told her to continue the treatment as advised.

The patient continued taking the tablet suggested by the doctor, and the bleeding stopped after three days. After her bleeding stopped, the patient got all the tests requested by the doctor. She uploaded the reports of all the tests and wanted the doctor to put her on a PCOD regimen. The doctor went through all the attached reports and found out that apart from PCOD, the patient also has hepatomegaly, low ferritin levels, and anemia. So the doctor suggested appropriate treatment for all the problems. She was delighted with the prompt and valuable suggestions given by our doctor, which finally stopped the bleeding.

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