Know How Our ICliniq Doctor Helped a Patient with Concerns About a Possible Heart Condition

Know How Our ICliniq Doctor Helped a Patient with Concerns About a Possible Heart Condition

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A patient with pain in her left arm while walking sought a solution from our iCliniq doctor. She explained that she experienced pain and a feeling of heaviness in her left arm while walking. She informed our doctor that the pain persisted when she walked faster than usual. She further enquired whether it was symptoms of angina or heart disease.

Our iCliniq doctor carefully examined the patient's condition. After analyzing the condition, the doctor explained that it was unlikely for someone her age to have a heart problem and that the arm pain could be due to musculoskeletal problems. Our iCliniq doctor further asked the patient whether she had a history of heart disease in her family. The doctor also enquired whether she experienced chest pain or chest tightness when walking. He then asked the patient about her blood sugar and blood pressure status. Finally, he asked if she smokes or uses illegal drugs. The doctor then advised an ECG (electrocardiogram) or stress echo to confirm the condition.

The patient reverted and stated that she felt pain when walking. She then mentioned that did not have any other symptoms like malaise, shortness of breath, or excessive sweating. She further stated that her father and mother had problems with blood pressure, but it developed after they were 50. She also mentioned that she had never smoked or used illegal drugs. She also told our doctor that she worked a nine-hour shift on the computer and experienced stabbing pains in her upper back.

Our iCliniq doctor replied that the pain in her left arm was due to muscular or neuropathic pain in her neck or shoulder. In response to the patient's concern about having a cardiac problem, our doctor further stated that the condition did not look like a cardiac problem but advised the patient to take an ECG for confirmation. He also advised the patient to see an orthopedic surgeon.

The patient thanked our doctor and said that she was very concerned about the heart problem. She also told our doctor that she had read so many articles about angina and other heart problems. She further attached an ECG report for the doctor’s reference.

Our doctor checked the reports and informed her that the ECG was normal. He then advised the patient to not stress and to eat healthily, have a balanced diet, and meditate regularly.

The patient was very grateful for the doctor's time and advice and thanked our doctor for his help.

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