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About "head trauma"



Injury to your brain, scalp, or skull is called head trauma. The common causes of head trauma are road traffic accidents, falls, sports injuries, and physical fights. The types of head trauma are:


  • Hematoma – Hematoma or collection of blood or blood clot in the brain can increase the pressure inside the brain and result in loss of consciousness and brain damage.
  • Hemorrhage – Uncontrolled bleeding in the brain.
  • Concussion – High impact on the head can make the brain hit against the wall of the skull, which is called concussion.
  • Skull fracture.
  • Edema – Swelling of the brain.


The symptoms of head trauma are headaches, lightheadedness, nausea, confusion, tinnitus, vomiting, loss of consciousness, vision loss, memory loss, and mood changes.

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