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About "Pain Medicine"

The field of medicine that deals with the prevention of pain, and the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients suffering from pain are known as pain medicine. Doctors trained in pain medicine provide a comprehensive assessment and management of patients with acute, chronic, and cancer pain, by using medications, and surgical, physical, or psychological techniques.

The types of pain treated by a pain medicine doctor are acute pain like the pain that follows surgeries, trauma, burns, etc., chronic pain like pain experienced in complex regional pain syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, musculoskeletal spinal pain, etc., and cancer pain. A few other examples of chronic pain are pain associated with a migraine, angina, pancreatitis, herpetic neuralgia, and endometriosis. A pain medicine specialist can help patients in various ways like prescribing pain medications, counseling the patient and family, suggesting rehabilitative procedures, and by performing pain relieving methods.


On your first visit, the pain specialist will perform an extensive evaluation of all possible causes of your pain and will recommend a variety of treatment options to reduce your pain and improve functioning. The treatments include nerve block (to block group of nerves), oral medicines (painkillers), physical therapy (physiotherapy and occupational therapy), and psychotherapy. Chronic pain can deteriorate a person’s quality of life drastically, so to lead a better pain-free life, consult a pain medicine specialist online today.

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