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About "Psychologist/ Counsellor"

Psychologists are professionals who study and analyze thoughts, emotions, behavior, and feelings of patients. Unlike psychiatrists, they are not medical professionals and hence cannot prescribe medications, but they are qualified to provide counseling in the form of talk therapy.

There are different fields which will require the services of a psychologist such as consumer marketplaces, aviation industry, educational institutions, healthcare fields, industrial organizations, environmental projects, defense academies, social groups and community settings.

In the healthcare setting, patients with mental health issues such as anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, depression, sleeping problem, eating disorders, substance abuse, etc., often seek the help of counselors to get better. The specialist, in turn, will detect behavioral patterns and offer suggestions on how to best cope with threatening situations, discuss treatment options and supervise them in the long run.

Thus psychologists ensure people go back to mainstream society as healthy individuals, ensuring a good quality of life. They may practice independently, or work in settings that require them to address specialized cases.

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