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About "Urology"

A urologist is a physician trained to diagnose and treat conditions related to the urinary system of both men and women. They are also specialized to deal with the male reproductive system, including sexual and fertility problems of men. Sometimes, performing associated surgeries is also under their expertise.

You will be referred to a urologist when you face any problem with urination and its associated conditions like frequent urination, any infection or tumor of the respective system, erectile dysfunction, kidney stones, etc. The tests performed by them include urine tests, ultrasound, cystoscopy, urodynamic testing, MRI, and CT, and accordingly guide you along with prescribing medicines when there is a need. If required, they will perform surgeries like cyst removal, prostate removal, tumor excision, clearing or removing the blockage, etc.

How easy it has become with online medical platforms to consult a urologist online regarding your doubts on conditions related to your urinary system. All you have to do is give a detailed information (past and present) of your problem along with certain tests and images to get an expert advice regarding diagnosis and treatment plan.

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