Amazing Benefits of Yoga

International Yoga Day 2016 Fix body aches, pains, sugar cravings, hangovers and more by doing these ‎simple yoga‬ poses. Amazing Benefits of Yoga Ujjay pranayam : Fights Anxiety Padmasana : Treats Hangover  Paschimottanasana : Regulates PMS  Janusirsasana : Induces Sleep  Chakrasana : Prevents Back…

How to Quit Tobacco Use?

How to Quit Tobacco Use?  1. Be a more positive person 2. Know about the dangers of smoking 3. Lowering your stress  4. Be ready for withdrawal symptoms 5. Avoid triggering activities 6. Spend time with family  7. Involve yourself in other activities 8. Eat healthy diet 9. Help someone else  

Self-Care Tips For Asthma Relief

Self-Care Tips For Asthma Relief  1. Know your food allergies and keep away. 2. Water consumption is a key aspect.  3. Make sure your air conditioners are well maintained and dust free.  4. Cigarettes are your enemies.  5. Make sure ginger has a place…

10 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

World Hypertension Day – 2016! 10 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Lose extra pounds Follow a complete workout pattern Follow a well nurtured diet Follow a low sodium diet Keep your alcohol consumption at minimum Avoid Smoking – It destroys health Keep your caffeine consumption at minimum Reduce your stress Monitor your BP(Blood Pressure) regularly Get Support from Your Family and Friends.