How to Beat Karma (A.K.A Common Cold)

 One fine morning you wake up to check the time. The eyes ache, the body hurts and something seems out of ordinary. Your forehead is already on fire. You were fine the night before. But all of a sudden in the morning, all this had show up when you least expected it. Just like Karma. Common cold is a lot like Karma. You never know when it will come for you, but when it does, you never know when it goes off you. Your voice turns Batman, and your throat itches like it tried to talk his style a lot. Well that can be depressing, even for batman.


That’s hard isn’t it? With over 100 viruses causing Common cold, it is really hard to figure out ‘what caused what’, as the degree of infection varies greatly according to the type of virus causing it.

 So what possibly peps up common cold?

What goes around comes around. In common cold too, it is from an infected person that the virus finds way to a healthy person mostly and easily. A cough or a sneeze: that is all it takes for the transmission to take place. It is hence important that you maintain good distance from the victims who hang around carelessly.


The virus may rest in style on doorknobs, utensils, keyboards, clothes or just anywhere it finds comfort. It is All you have to do is to wash your hands and keep them clean. In so many ways, that just puts the cold out of equation. Watch out and wash your hands!


While getting wet or chilled might not cause common cold, there are conditions that make your system susceptible to common cold. Say for instance, you have nose/throat allergies or are extremely fatigue, common cold can easily smuggle in wet conditions. So the next time you take your love for a dance in the rain, well, just keep this in mind.

Common cold comes with such a headache and it takes its own time to leave. But we can’t sit tight and wait, right? It is wiser to get on the top and know to beat this Karma A.K.A Common cold. Here are some cool home made remedies.

Everything starts at home. Remedies are no exception!

Steamy Chicken soup:


Yes. Our granny was always right about this. Research (research report) says steamy chicken soup with vegetables greatly aids in fighting upper respiratory infections, adds nutritional values and hydrates the body. It also slows the movement of white blood cells allowing them to concentrate more on the healing areas.



Honey has great anti-viral properties fighting cold, sweetly.

  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice + 2 teaspoons of honey = sip it every 2 hours to get great relief from cold and sore throat.

  • A spoon of raw honey works out too.



Ginger is indeed cheeky when it comes to common cold. The options are:

  • Ginger tea works great on cold symptoms. A little lemon and honey will enhance effectiveness

  • Ginger paste + cloves + salt = 1/2 teaspoon, two times a day.

  • Equal amounts of dry ginger powder + clarified butter + jiggery = take a teaspoon of this mixture daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

Salt-water gargle:

Boil hot water, add 2 teaspoons of salt, stir well and use it to gargle over the sore throat. It relieves irritation.

 Red Onion syrup:


Red onion syrup is a smart remedy to beat cold.

  1. Slice Red onions horizontally + place it in a bowl + Raw honey (till the bowl is full)

  2. Cover the bowl and let it rest for 12 to 15 hours. When you open the bowl, there will be thick liquid like syrup

  3. Red onion syrup is ready. Take a spoon every day and set your cold out.

 These are few quick shots to snap the cold off. It is advisable to stay indoors and hibernate well for the body to take rest and recover.

So when common cold strikes…

What do normal people do?
They take it light, develop more symptoms, catch cough, sneeze hard and spread the cold to fellow beings.

What do smart people do?
They log on to, enter their query, get instant consultation from their choice of online doctor and live healthy ever after.


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Doctor, a Click Away – “The Week” calls iCliniq a Gamechanger in making healthcare more accessible

Transcript of the coverage of on “The Week” magazine dated October 26, 2014.

Wish you could see your doctor anytime, anywhere? Dhruv Kumar, 26, has made it possible through his online iCliniq.

With more than 500 doctors covering 70 specialities available for online consultations on issues ranging from common cold and cough to infertility, cancer and mental illness, iCliniq is fast gaining popularity.

To ensure personalised treatment for every visitor, a team attends to you as soon as you log on to the website. This ‘May I help you’ team takes you through a virtual tour of the clinic and helps you connect with the right doctor.

A single question will be answered for  Rs.99 while a face-to-face consultation through video chatting costs between Rs.199 and  Rs.499.

According to Dhruv, iCliniq works like a virtual hospital where every doctor is appointed after a thorough background check and an interview by a panel of senior doctors. The doctors are then given a small training in online consultation.

“For an effective online consultation, it is important to ask relevant questions. So, we discussed various medical conditions with hundreds of doctors and have designed an online questionnaire which we give to each doctor on the panel,” says Dhruv. “These questions, in most cases, help a doctor in diagnosing a specific medical condition.”

The service, says Dhruv is extremely helpful for frequent travellers, people in remote areas, those seeking a second opinion and for those suffering from chronic conditions and need frequent consultations.

Specialists in internal medicine, dermatology, paediatrics and oncology are the most sought after on the site. Psychiatry is another field, says Dhruv, where a lot of people prefer online consultation to meeting the doctor personally.  “The reason could be confidentiality and the anonymity that people seeking psychiatric help look for” he says.

Apart from providing consultation, iCliniq also helps the doctors in expanding their horizon. “Sometimes, I come across a query from a patient which is not familiar to me. I read more to find an answer to the query and in the process update myself,” says Dr Divakara P., a Bengaluru based physician who is on the panel of the online hospital.

“Besides, going through the prescriptions and diagnostic tests of some international patients keeps me abreast of the latest in medicine around the world.”


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Why is Your Medical Case History Important?

The great thinker Confucius said “Study the past if you would define the future”. He meant that one should know the history of their ancestors to progress in life.  When history of your ancestors is that important, imagine how important it is know about your medical history. Documenting your medical history and storing it has lot of benefits. Read on to know what happened to one of our users on icliniq. He wanted his name to be anonymous. So for discussion purposes we are calling him John.

John is a 58 year old individual. He is an expat working in Singapore. He is a hypertension patient. Let us know a bit about his medical history and his obsession with documenting his medical records. He had the habit of undergoing a master health check up once in 2 years. In this act, he had taken photos of all his ECG (Electrocardiogram) reports. He used to send it to an online doctor at icliniq. Dr. Vivek Singla on icliniq used to answer his queries on the reports. His reports were always normal and John was pretty happy about it.

One day he felt that he had a minor discomfort in the chest area. It has happened to him a lot of times. And he always went to the emergency care of a hospital suspecting it to be a heart attack. But it always turned out to be a muscle pain. He also used to get second opinion from Dr.Vivek Singla, his online doctor on icliniq. Very recently he had a similar discomfort and once again he took an ECG and the doctors in emergency told that his ECG was normal and there was nothing for him to worry about.

John was happy that he was normal. Since he always had the habit of taking a second opinion with a doctor on icliniq as the online doctors on our portal were like his family doctor and they also knew his entire medical history. John’s job was nomadic and he has remained an expat for a long time. So John uploaded the photo’s of his ECG report on icliniq.

Dr. Vivek Singla saw his reports and immediately replied telling him that though his ECG report seemed normal on a first glance, there was definitely a variation from his previous ECG reports. He insisted that John undergo a Coronary Angiogram to rule out the possibility of a heart block. A block in the heart can cause a heart attack. John reluctantly underwent an Angiogram trusting his online doctor and HE DID HAVE A BLOCK IN HIS HEART. Immediately an angioplasty procedure was done on him and he is healthy now.  He thanked Dr. Vivek Singla for helping him to avoid heart complications.

This one example shows how important it is to save your medical case history and have a permanent doctor for oneself. As most of us are not in the same city for a long time, its ideal that we maintain touch with one doctor. Thanks to the internet boon. Because of it, one can store their records on an online healthcare portal and have a permanent online doctor for oneself.

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Online doctor consultation helps get better outcomes from your regular doctor

We always thought that only 60 percent of health issues can be solved by an online doctor. But we were in for a sweet surprise recently after looking through our analytics. Yes. The other 40 percent of health issues which we thought can be solved only by physical visits to a regular doctor had BETTER outcomes after one spoke to an online doctor.

In fact we used to tell few eager users who wish to talk to an online doctor to go and meet a regular doctor. But they would insist on talking to an online doctor. We had agreed reluctantly but ALL of them reported that they did have to meet a regular doctor (after talking to an online doctor) BUT the outcome was much better. We actually thought since they insisted on talking to an online doctor, they are giving a biased opinion .

We were anyway keen on finding out and so conducted a small experiment by giving free consultations to some users to talk to an online doctor on icliniq and then go meet a regular doctor. And guess what? They had better outcomes from their regular visits. They said they were very clear with what has to be spoken to the doctor. In short, they had a perspective before they had their physical visit. The thought that since they got free consultations on icliniq, they are speaking positively about us arose. BUT WE REPEATED the same with users who paid for an online doctor and even they said that they have better outcomes. :)

What do these users mean by better outcomes? Well. We wanted to learn it too. So we spoke to one user by name Anil Gupta and he told this. “I slipped in the bathroom and hurt my knee. I thought I had a fracture. I visited and asked for a consultation (This happened in Dubai as I was on a trip there. I did not have an insurance too) and surprisingly, your support staff told me that its ideal I visit a regular doctor and he told me not to pay for a consultation as that could be a waste of money. I was actually amused with the honesty of icliniq support staff. But I insisted that I do an online doctor consultation with an Orthopedician on icliniq. I booked a consultation and Dr. Mohan Krishna attended to me. He did a video consultation with me and he asked me to do certain movements and observed me. He then said that I have a ligament tear and that the swelling was temporary and that I can have my treatment in India. He just asked me not to strain the knee, apply ice frequently and restrict certain movements. And when I asked him what is the ligament that tore, he said I seemed to have an ACL injury (Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury). After returning to India, I visited my regular doctor. He did an MRI scan and said that I have an ACL injury Grade 1. I was TOTALLY STUNNED by the online doctor consultation at icliniq. I SAVED a lot of money from spending in Dubai unnecessarily. And guys please understand that you guys can be a pre-consultation option too :). ”

Yes. Anil has coined the term pre-consultation. This is just one of the cases. We are really happy to know that better outcomes are possible by meeting an online doctor. Also all online doctors at icliniq are trained to tele-health savvy. They ask the right questions. And this we feel is reflecting with better outcomes for our users.

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How to talk to an online doctor about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)?

Lot of people today have lot of queries about Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs). Most of them have in their mind that an STD can be AIDS alone.  Its a myth. There are actually a number of STDs with Chlamydia, Gonorrhea,  Genital herpes, HPV, Syphillis, Trichomoniasis being the most common among them. There’s no widespread awareness about these diseases with most of the people especially youngsters.

Of course the main solution to avoid contracting STDs is to avoid multiple sexual partners. But there are number of other things to avoid STDs. And when someone contracts a STD, they do not know the symptoms of it and dismiss it as something simple. And when they realize it as an STD by reading things online, they panic as they may wrongly co-relate their symptoms with the STD. Also most of these people do not want to see a Venereologist because of social taboo and privacy reasons. Venereologist is an expert in STDs.

There’s a misconception that when one has symptoms of STD, they should see a Sexologist. A sexologist is one who will help to solve your sexual problems. 

How an online doctor can help you in this?

An online doctor,  more precisely an online venereologist can possibly understand you better and help you out. They in fact understand your social taboo and your stigma towards STD very well. They advise tests which you can probably take it from a laboratory and report back to them or upload your existing reports (if any) for a far more clear reply. You can type your health queries crystal clearly to them. They will also advice you to meet a venereologist if needed in person. You may wonder why should you meet an online venereologist in person before you meet them in person. The reason is the online doctor would have clearly alleviated your doubts and make you understand the real issue. This will also reduced your anxiety and you would not panic when its need to meet a doctor in person and the online doctor’s vantage point would actually help your doctor to understand your issue more clearly and provide you with a solution.

In the case you have met your doctor in person, you may have missed asking certain questions to him. You can ask an online doctor with the doctor’s reply(the one who you met him in person) and he would explain it clearly. You can always think that an online doctor is someone who is always accessible at any time to you.

Consult an online doctor on icliniq now –>

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