How To Lose Side Fat?

How To Lose Side Fat?   Follow this routine to lose the extra weight in your hips.. Exercise: Bicycle Crunches! Exercise: Side Plank Dips Exercise: Stability Ball Plank Exercise: Standard Plank Walking Avoid Junk Food Avoid Refined Sugars Eat Healthy Fats Break Up Your Meals Of The Day Avoid Late Night Snacking Prevent a Sedentary Life Do you need a second opinion? Ask a Doctor Now! @ If…

Back pain? Tips for a Healthy Back

Back pain? Tips for a Healthy Back  Improve your posture  Exercise regularly Take breaks from your phones and screens  Support your back when you carry things  Sleep in the best position for your spine  Teach your kids about spinal health  Improve your core strength  Quit smoking Lose that weight!  Lead a healthy lifestyle  ANY QUERIES? If you like it, share it. 

Tips for Avoiding Cancer

Tips for Avoiding Cancer Filter your tap water Stand more. Sit less. Don’t smoke or use any other tobacco products. Keep your alcohol consumption low. Drink plenty of water. Get 15 minutes of sun a day. Try to walk 30 minutes a day. Cut out fries and chips. Marinate meat first Take care of your sexual health. Adopt healthy cooking habits Ask Our Specialist NOW! If you like it, Share it :)