6 Easy Ways to Stop Eating So Much Sugar

There are several ways in which we consume increased sugar content without being aware of it. By the time we understand the situation, it is already too late.

Here are a few simple ways, you can have a regular check on the sugar content you consume on a regular basis.




The usual desserts like cakes, cookies and icecreams have a very high sugar content but not an equally high nutrify value. Switch to fresh fruit salads which will satisfy your sweet craving and is also healthy.




Tomato sauces and other regular sauces have a lot of added sugar in them. Make sure you check the table of content and choose the option which has less sugar and more herbs and spice to induce flavor.


Energy bars and granola are usually considered healthy snacks. The fact is that they have a lot of added sugar. Always consider fresh nuts and fruits for healthy snacks and make sure to carry them when you are out.


Lack of proper sleep is one of the reasons your body craves high calorie and sugary foods. Have a proper sleeping pattern and a regular diet schedule.


Waffles, jams, pancakes and cereals are usually considered healthy breakfast food. But the commonly ignored fact is that they also have a high composition of added sugar. We have several other overall healthy options like regular yogurt oatmeal or even eggs.


Studies show that shopping for groceries while hungry might lead you to select more high calorie and added sugar options. Always make sure you are well fed and your mind is at peace while shopping.

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