6 Morning Mistakes to Avoid

Morning mistakes


1. Not stretching

Morning mistakes


Waking up with a jerk and not stretching: Waking up in the morning and activating your body is a vital part of your day. Make it a point to wake up slow and clear your mind before moving away from your bed. Basic stretches help you relax your muscles.


2. Starting your day with a cup of tea/coffee

Morning mistakes

Coffe/Tea: Starting your day with a cup of tea or coffee with cream and sugar creates acid refluxes. Take up the habit of drinking a lot of water in the morning, followed by green or white tea.



3. Breakfast

Morning mistakes

Skipping breakfast: The time between your dinner and breakfast is usually the longest gap between two meals. This gap results in a fall in your blood sugar level. Skipping breakfast worsens the situation and makes you tired and lethargic all day.


4. Sleep

Morning mistakes

Get enough sleep: Going to bed late results in you losing precious hours of sleep your body requires. A proper schedule of 6 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary for your body to relieve yourself from the stress you have gone through the previous day.


5. Checking Phone

Morning mistakes

Checking Phone: Waking up to your mobile screen is not something advisable. Once you wake up, take your time to enjoy reality and finish your morning chores. Make it a policy to not look at your phone for at least an hour since you have woken up.


6. Rush hour road rage

Morning mistakes

Rush hour road rage: Morning rush hour traffic is something that every office going adult has to inevitably face. The physical and mental strain you get during this period can mess up your day as a whole. Try to analyze the route you take and start at a specific time where you do not have to face so much traffic. Listen to soothing music and keep your mind relaxed.


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