Shortcuts to Happiness: Simple Hacks to Boost Your Mood!!

Shortcuts to Happiness: Simple Hacks to Boost Your Mood!!


1. A laughter lasts a lifetime. Keep smiling.


2. Meditation clears your mind and helps in the smooth flow of thoughts.

3. A good nights sleep solves most of your problems.


4. An exercise regime boosts your blood flow and your mood.

5. The sun is your friend spend more time with him.


6.  Blaming yourself gets you nowhere.

7.  Coconut is a natural mood booster

8.  A cup of hot steaming tea always brightens your mouth.

9. Dark chocolate is a very good friend of positivity :) 

10. Enjoy reality. Have face to face interactions with the people you love.  A physical smile works more wonders than a smiley.

 11. Maintain your Desk. A ready to go work station shows you are prepared to take on the day.

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