How To Avoid Being Obese?

How To Avoid Being Obese?


Be Agile: “Have fun, move around & stay fit.”


Stay away from junk food, eat a whole and healthy meal when you are hungry.

Savor your meal: Never eat in a hurry, take a seat to enjoy your food. This boosts two of your hormones that make you feel full soon.


Say no to a strict diet: If followed a strict diet you are at the risk of gaining excessive weight.

Keep an Exercise Log

Say no to “Fat Free”: Fat is not unhealthy until taken in excess,you require fat to process proteins & nutrients and is also a part if a healthy diet.

Plan your personal diet: Consume food base upon your personal physical activity, increased level of physical activity requires a diet plan with increased level of fat too.

Add natural food to your diet: Make sure your meal has a equal amount of natural food(fruits, whole wheat, grains etc) as to processed food.

More protein Less weight: Protein rich food(including organic animal protein) doubles the chances of loosing weight & keeping fit.

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